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Submission of this form does not ensure a tour reservation. There is NO tour reservation until an official
Room Requested: Recieved: ___________ Set-Up: Finalized Date: _______________
Sent School Confirmation: Drop-Off/ Pick-Up Location:____________________________
1. _____________________2._____________________3._
Amount of time needed to eat (if applicable): __________
School/ Organization: ___________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ____________________________________
Phone: _________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Number of Tour Attendees: ___________
Will your group need to eat a meal while on campus? Yes
Dining Options: You may either bring your own lunches or (
if available) our culinary
department may be able to prepare lunch for $5 per person.
Interested in discussing on-campus dining option? Yes No
Type of Tour: Whole Campus Technical Only Specific:_______________________
er of Tour Guides Needed (15-25 students per 1 tour guide): _________
Estimated Departure Time: ___________________
Arrival: ____________
We will confirm your estimated departure time in your confirmation email; however, for
your own calculation please
budget 2 hours for a whole campus tour and 1.5 hours for a technical only tour plus your lunch time (if applicable).
Field Trip Tour Request Form