Elevate Undergraduate Option to Degree
Note: The department will be notified of the dates for EPPC, Academic Senate, WASC, and Chancellor’s Office review.
Option Name: _______________________________________________
Within: _______________________________________________
(Degree program name)
Proposed New Degree: ________________________________________
Will new degree be matched with Transfer Model Curriculum? Yes No
Will proposed changes affect a subject matter preparation or credential program? Yes No
EM 07-012
Brief rationale for elevation:
Required Signatures
The Department of __________________________________________ has reviewed and
approved this elevation proposal
__________________________________________ ______________
Chair, Department Curriculum Committee Date
__________________________________________ ______________
Department Chair Date
The College of __________________________________________ has reviewed and
approved this elevation proposal
__________________________________________ ______________
Chair, College Curriculum Committee Date
__________________________________________ ______________
College Dean Date
Send signature page with proposal attached to Curriculum Services: SSC 464B, zip 128
Curriculum Review Completed ______________
Signature page and completed proposal
Proposal to Discontinue current option (2j)
Catalog copy for new program (3b)
2-year and 4-year MAPs (3c)
Evidence of consultation with library (3f)
Statement of support from college Dean (3g)
Side-by-side curriculum comparison (4a)
Comprehensive Assessment Plan and Curriculum Matrix
Evidence of consultation if adding courses from another
department (e-mail from Chair)