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Recurring EFT
Please allow up to 48 hours for initial set-up or for changes to Electronic Funds Transfer service
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Non-Recurring EFT Bank Account Setup
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Electronic Funds Transfer Service Form
596574 (0818)
At your request, TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. ("TD") can transfer funds from your TD non-registered account directly into your Bank
account at any financial institution in Canada. To take advantage of this service, simply complete the appropriate section(s) below and bring
this form, along with a VOID cheque to your nearest TD branch.
Weekly Bi-Weekly Semi-Monthly Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
A - For Recurring EFT Frequency (Only)
Amount: $
Only one recurring EFT setup is permitted per account.
Initial Payment Date:
If payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the EFT will be processed on the preceding business day. If the cash balance in the account is less than the requested
payment, only the available cash balance will be transferred.
B - EFT Bank Account Setup
Register my TD Canada Trust Chequing / Savings Account(s):
Register my non-TD Canada Trust Chequing Account(s) - Please attach VOID Cheque(s) (Void cheque must be preprinted with Client name)
Account No.Branch Transit No.Institution No.
Choose one: Canadian $ US $ (Canadian Institution only)
For recurring EFT setup, only one bank account may be registered. For non-recurring EFT setup, a maximum of 3 bank accounts can be registered.
If the maximum has been reached, register the new bank account information below, and indicate the bank account to be deleted in section C.
Cost Centre/Branch #: Logon ID: _______________
TD Employee Name: ________________________________________
Office Use only: (all fields are mandatory)
Wealth employees: Scan completed f or m, along with VOID cheque(s) for
External (non-TDCT) financial institutions, and submit both via the TRAC
TDCT branches ONLY: Scan completed f orm, along with VOID cheque(s) for
External (non TDCT) financial institutions, and submit both via email to:
TD.WealthManagementEFTSetupRequests@TD.COM or
Subject line: New EFT Set-up Request.
*The above generic email address may be used for frequency and amount
changes to a n existing EFT without attaching this form.
The TD employee submitting this form must confirm the identity of the client and obtain all appropriate approvals before submission.
Account Holder Signature
NOTE: Please include signatures for all signing authorities (where applicable) for non-personal accounts. Joint accounts do not require multiple signatures.
C - Delete the following bank accounts from the EFT Service:
Institution No. Account No.
Account No.Institution No.
Branch Transit No.
Branch Transit No.
For Recurring EFT, please indicate amount
I direct TD to act on any verbal instructions I give changing my instructions as to the transfer amount, frequency of transfer or participation in the
Electronic Funds Transfer Service ("Instructions"). TD shall be entitled to consider the Instructions to be of the same force and effect as written instructions
from me and shall be under no obligation to verify the Instructions. I hereby release TD from all liability and indemnify it from all costs and damages
whatsoever in any way relating to or arising from any action taken or not taken in relation to Instructions.
TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. is a s ubsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. - Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.
The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.
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