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Electrical Permit Application
Project Name: Project Address:
Complex/Park Name: Unit/Space Number:
Building Owner
Electrical Contractor
Address: City: State: Zip:
WA Electrical Contractor License #:
Des Moines Business License #:
Scope of Work:
Type Cost per unit Number of units Total per line
Permit Fee See Permit Fee Table Valuation
Plan Review Fee (put a check in the box if plan review is required)
See Permit Fee Table check if required
Temporary Service, single up to 200 amp
Multiple Temporary Construction Service / Job Trailers (Flat fee per site)
Automation Fee (Required) - See Automation Fee Schedule
Total Permit Fee
Owner's Agent
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Contractor's Agent
I hereby certify that I have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and correct, and agree to comply with City ordinances and State laws
regulating the performance of construction. I certify that I am either the owner of the property described on this permit application, the Washington State licensed
Electrical Contractor responsible for the work, or I represent the owner or contractor as signified above, and am acting with the owner's/contractor's full knowledge or
Print name of Applicant Applicant's signature
Application expires 180 days from date of application
Permit expires 180 days from date of issuance or last inspection
Electrical plan review is required for all new or altered electrical projects in the following occupancies an/or installations: educational, institutional, health care,
non residential occupancies 2500 sq ft and greater, installations where service or feeder rated 100 amps or greater is installed or altered or if more than 100 amps is
added, commercial generator installations, all hazardous locations, if 60% or more luminaires change, installation of switches or circuit breakers rated 400 amps or over,
wind driven generators, solar photovoltaic systems, and any proposed installation which cannot be adequately described in the application form. (See WCEC 85.15 (G) )
A complete submittal for plan review requires the following items:
1. A completed and signed Electrical Permit application.
2. Two sets of plans containing the following information:
a) Floor plans showing location of all existing and proposed added outlets and equipment
b) Load calculation for the service, feeders, and added loads
c) Switchboard and panel board panel schedules
d) A complete riser and one line diagram showing all conduit and wire sizes as well as all grounding
e) Fault current calculations and the listed interrupting rating of all feeder and service equipment
For all work done within the City of Des Moines, please use Location Code 1709 in reporting and/or remitting to the State all related sales and use taxes
Permit fees for all commercial projects are valuation based. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your bid.
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