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Wellness Physicals and Medical Problems
It has come to our attention that several of our patients have questions about billing and
cost issues regarding their annual physical examination. A preventive/wellness physical
examination is an important part of your healthcare. We encourage our patients to get
regular physical examinations, which include careful screening for cancer and heart
disease. This is now strongly encouraged and covered by many insurance companies. As
always, you should check with your carrier to understand your benefits –Is a physical
covered? How much is your cost share and how frequently are you eligible for
preventive care services? If they waive copays/ cost share on the physical examination
portion, what are the cost shares on any procedures done, such as electrocardiogram,
urinalysis, lab work—in office as well as outside labs, etc.
For many years, we and most other physicians, as a courtesy, have addressed existing
medical problems and any new complaints you might have during this examination. We
have been informed that we may continue to help you with existing medical problems
and any new complaints you might have during the periodic preventive examination, but
to be in compliance with correct billing practices we need to charge separately: for the
wellness examination and for the additional time spent addressing existing or new
medical problems. The introduction of high deductible plans, which an increasing
number of patients have selected, will result in a second charge to you for the time
spent addressing existing or new medical problems. You will be responsible for the
allowable charge for this additional time spent, including copays, deductibles and
coinsurance amounts.
If we did not perform these additional services at the time of the wellness visit, we would
need to set up a separately scheduled appointment with you to address your concerns
and/or existing problems. This visit would require the standard allowable charge.
We hope this letter explains our billing policy and will allow us to continue a successful
healthcare relationship with you in the future.
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