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Edison State Community College
2020-2021 Unusual Enrollment History Appeal
Student Name: _____________________________________________ Student ID: _______________________________
(Last, First, Middle)
In an effort to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Pell Grant and Direct Student Loan programs, the Department of
Education is identifying students with unusual enrollment histories. The Department of Education has determined that you
have an Unusual Enrollment History with regard to the receipt of Federal Pell Grant and/or Direct Student Loan funds
during the previous four award years (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020). Some students have legitimate
reasons for their enrollment at multiple institutions. Therefore, Edison State Community College must review your
academic records to determine if you received academic credit at each of the institutions attended in the four previous
award years. Please complete the steps below.
1. Provide copies of your official or unofficial academic transcripts or a grade report from all institutions attended
during the past four academic years (except from Edison State). You may view your Federal Pell Grant and/or
Direct Student Loan award history and the schools where you received the grant and/or loan at www.nslds.ed.gov so you
may contact the appropriate college to obtain a copy of your academic transcript. If you have already submitted copies of
your transcripts to Edison State, you must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid at Edison State.
If each of your transcripts show that you have earned academic credit while receiving the Federal Pell Grant and/or
Direct Student Loans from all of the institutions attended, then skip to #3 to simply sign and date this form to submit to
the Office of Student Financial Aid. At that time, there will be no other actions required on your part. If we need
additional information after review of your transcripts, we will contact you through your Edison State email account or
through postal mail if you do not have an Edison State email address.
2. If you did NOT earn academic credit at all institutions attended in the last four years, you will need to provide
the following:
o A personal typed, signed & dated, statement. Explain in detail the reasons that caused you to not be successful at
EACH institution you attended and why you did not receive any academic credits.
o Provide documentation to support your statement. Attach third party documentation on company letterhead to
clarify/support your petition such as: statements from academic advisors, faculty, employers, physician, attorney, clergy,
an obituary, police reports, insurance reports, court-filed documents, etc. If the documentation is not provided on official
letterhead, it must be notarized. All documentation must be date specific and address the circumstances that occurred
during the timeline of EACH school attended where academic credit was not earned. Failure to substantiate your
circumstances or lack of documentation will result in your appeal being denied.
3. My signature attests to the accuracy of all information and documentation submitted pertaining to this appeal. I
understand that if my appeal is approved, I must maintain Edison State’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Policy requirements each semester to retain my federal aid eligibility. I also understand that if I do not meet the
SAP Policy requirements, it is highly unlikely that a second appeal will be immediately considered.
Student Signature: ________________________________________________ Date:____________________________
NOTE: If additional information is needed for the appeal, an email will be sent to your Edison State email account (postal
mail if you have not yet been issued an Edison State email account). Please check your email/postal mail frequently for
important, time-sensitive messages from the college.
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