Economic Hardship
Self-Certification Letter
New Mexico Student Loans ® (NMSL)
“I am newly self-employed as of the following date: .”
List your projected monthly gross income: $
. Attach documentation of your
newly formed business and proof of your involvement in that business. (Examples include business
registration, licensure, Federal Tax ID documentation, copy of signed letter to federal or state entity
on business letterhead.)
List other types and amounts of projected monthly income you may receive:
“By signing and dating this form, I am certifying that all of the information I have provided above is
complete and true.”
Signature Date Account Number/SSN
We are requesting that you complete this form because you are unable to
provide proof of income as requested in Section 2 of the Economic Hardship
Deferment because you are newly self-employed. Please provide the following
information and documentation requested below.
P.O. Box 27020 | Albuquerque, NM 87125 | 505.345.3371 |