Request for Credit/No Credit Option
To receive Credit (CR), the grade must be C or better. A grade of D or F will carry a No Credit (NC)
designation. Please note that the Credit/No Credit designations are not figured into students’ GPAs.
Credit/No Credit Requests will not be honored if not allowed under catalog rules which require:
You must be a sophomore, junior, or senior.
The following courses (unless only offered Credit/No Credit) may NOT be taken Credit/No Credit:
English 0990, 0995;
University Foundations 1111;
General Education courses;
Professional education courses including departmental methods courses required in teacher
licensure programs;
Any course which qualifies as being applicable toward fulfillment of a given major or in the
determination of the GPA in a given major, as specified in the major requirement description in
the catalog, irrespective of whether a student wishes to apply the course to the major or is taking
it as an elective. (This exclusion is also applicable to minors.)
Procedure. To select the Credit/No Credit option, students must submit a request to the Registrar’s Office
no later than the 10th class day of the semester. The time periods for Summer Session, which are reduced
proportionately, are established by the Office of the Registrar. Changes from Credit/No Credit to
traditional grade status are permitted through the last class day to withdraw from classes.
Limits. A student may take a maximum of 12 semester hours of undergraduate course work Credit/No
Credit. Courses offered on Credit/No Credit basis only, as well as one physical education course per
semester or term, are not counted against the above limits.
E-Number __________ Name (Last/First/M) ________________________________
Course prefix ______ Course No __________ CRN ________________ Term/Year ___________
My signature indicates I understand the rules described above and believe that the course I am requesting
may be taken by me on a credit/no credit basis.
____________________________________ (signature) __________________________(date)
My major ______________________________________________________________________
Consult the Eastern Illinois University Online Catalog to see the complete rules regarding taking a
course Credit/No Credit.