I request the signature of
Begin Date: End Date:
Specimen Signature
(Accounts Payable, Budget, Contracts, Foundation, Grant Account, Personnel and Payroll, and travel)
Chair or Department Head (please print or type) Signature of Chair or Department Head
Approved: Routing: Initial/Date
Budget _________
Financial Accounting _________
Dean or Director Financial Systems _________
Foundation Accounting _________
Grant Accounting _________
Vice-President Human Resources _________
Payroll _________
Procurement _________
Associate Vice-President for Financial Services
Revised 12/6/18
Be honored for the type of transactions and accounts listed below for the period of dates indicated, not
to exceed one year from begin date. This does not apply to paperwork that goes through Registrar. TRS
approvals cannot be delegated. Requisitioner must be dfferent from approver on same index in eBucs
and must be processed on a Finance Goldlink Security Form.
_______________________ __________________
East Tennessee State University
Financial Services Request for Authorization of Signature
Type of Transaction Index Numbers
I have read the ETSU Business and Finance Policy, Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization.
This delegation complies with the policy & procedures.