Planning Document for External Reviews of ITU Degree Programs
Thank you for agreeing to serve as an external reviewer for an ITU Program Review. Your input and expertise are
invaluable to helping our institution improve the quality of its academic programs. The External Review Plan describes the
guidelines and expectations for the External Review Visit and subsequent deliverables.
As an external reviewer, ITU expects you to provide your best objective assessment of the department and programs
under review in light of current academic and industry standards. Please keep the institution’s context in mind when
assessing the program and making recommendations. While you are asked to address the specific issues outlined in the
External Review Plan in your final deliverables, you are encouraged to highlight any additional strengths or areas of
concern that you feel are important for the program’s growth and future viability. If you need to adjust either the External
Review Plan or visit schedule, please contact the Program Review Committee as soon as possible to make alternate
Program and Reviewer Information
ITU Department Name
Degrees under Review
Program Review Year Self Study Completion Date
External Reviewer Name
Employer or Institution
Date(s) of External Review Visit
External Reviewer Professional Biography
Please provide a brief professional biography that we can include in any official documents about the External Review.
Program Strengths and Potential Areas of Improvement
After completing our Self Study, these are the areas that we have identified as our strengths and potential areas for
Strengths Potential Areas for Improvement
Areas of Special Interest
In addition to our area outlined above, we would like you to examine the following areas.
Area of Special Interest Department or Program Importance
Expected Deliverables
After your visit, we are expecting to receive the following documents:
Deliverable Name
Deliverable Description
Deliverable Name
Deliverable Description