Thank you for your interest in the 2017 ACT IPAA Mentoring Program. Please outline your details
and interests below in order to provide the best opportunity for a quality mentoring match.
IPAA will aim to match you with a mentor who can assist you in achieving your personal objectives.
Please note that that there are many benefits of a productive mentoring relationship and securing a
promotion should not be your primary objective. Please ensure you have reviewed the IPAA ACT
Mentoring Guidelines before completing this expression of interest.
Contact details:
Current role and
Current employer:
I would prefer to be mentored by a (if no preference, leave blank):
Young professional (36 years or under)
Middle manager
APS public servant
ACT Government public servant
IPAA member outside the public service
Senior Executive Service including SES who have moved to other endeavours
A woman or member of other diversity
group if available (please be specific):
Specific employer (list):
I would like prefer a mentor with experience in the following area (if no preference, leave blank):
Service Delivery
Program and Project Management
Regulatory Functions
Specialist (please be specific about
preferred areas):
Professional Technical Functions
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As a mentee I am looking for:
Insight into working in my current role
Being a more effective manager
Being a more effective leader
Preparing for work transitions
Balancing home, parenting, education, career and extracurricular activities
Working effectively work with senior staff and/or minister’s offices
Information about industry trends and
technical development (please list):
Is there anything we need to know to create a strong effective mentoring match for you?
Please note while IPAA ACT will do its best, it may be beyond our ability to match you exactly
with your preferences.
Mentoring agreement
By submitting an expression of interest to be a mentee I acknowledge and accept the following:
1. I have read and understood the mentoring program privacy statement
2. I have read and understood the mentoring program guidelines
3. I understand IPAA ACT can take no responsibility for any advice or information exchanged
between myself and a mentee or a mentor
4. My name, preferred contact details and employment details will be made available to my
mentee or mentor as a part of this program
5. I will discuss and complete a mentoring agreement with my mentor/mentee to help ensure
clarity and shared expectations
6. I will treat in strictest confidence all information and matters discussed in a mentoring
relationship with a mentee or mentor
7. I will provide feedback as requested to enable effective evaluation of the IPAA ACT
mentoring program