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Pre-Employment Statement
All applicants are asked to read and sign this statement as
part of the application procedure. (If you are unwilling to sign,
please indicate such in writing below.)
Employees at the University of Toledo are expected to exhibit certain behaviors in the
workplace. These expected behaviors are stated below. I understand that consideration
for employment at the University of Toledo is dependent on my willingness to commit to
conform to these expectations if hired.
1. I will be honest in all I do.
2. Customer service is the most important work I will do. Everyone I will come into
contact with is a customer.
3. I will treat all persons with respect and dignity. The University of Toledo is richer
because of its diverse students, faculty, patients, employees and volunteers.
4. Because The University of Toledo is an educational institution, I will continue to
learn and teach others.
5. I will be dependable be at work on time and work my schedule.
6. I will provide a fair day’s work in return for a fair day’s pay.
I agree that, if employed, I will conduct myself as described above, in accordance with
all the University of Toledo policies, procedures, rules and in compliance with applicable
collective bargaining agreements, and understand that failure to do so may result in
discipline up to and including discharge.
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