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Expression of Interest for
a Higher Degree by Research
JCU Graduate Research School (GRS)
Please complete this form if you are interested in applying for a Higher Degree by Research at James
Cook University, but you do not currently have a Primary Advisor for your project idea. If you already
have a Primary Advisor or one in mind you do not need to complete this form, and you should contact
that person directly.
Please note that the Expression of Interest is an inquiry only and does not guarantee eligibility or
acceptance to a higher degree by research at James Cook University, nor constitute part or all of an
application for admission to a research degree.
Prospective HDR Candidate Details (candidate to complete)
First /Given Name:
Surname / Family Name:
Email Address:
Contact phone number:
I am interested in applying for
Professional Doctorate
I am interested in studying at
Previous qualifications:
Year Completed
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Research Experience
Do you have any other research experience, such as writing a thesis or publishing a research paper?
If yes, please provide as much detail as possible:
Proposed Research Project or Area
Please describe the particular research topic you wish to undertake OR indicate research areas that
you are interested in.
Final Check
Have you checked the Register of Advisors for potential Advisors?
Have you made contact with any potential advisors?
Please provide details
Have you Included current CV with your expression of Interest form
Have you included copies of your qualifying degree transcripts
WHAT TO DO NEXT: Candidate must send this form to the Graduate research School at grs@jcu.edu.au
for forwarding to the most relevant College
Prospective Advisor Details (ADRE to complete)
Name/s of College staff who could potentially supervise this candidate:
WHAT TO DO NEXT: ADRE must send this form to the potential advisor. If the potential advisor is
interested in taking on the candidate, they should contact the candidate directly to begin preparing
the application. If the potential advisor is not interested in taking on the candidate, they should return
the form to grs@jcu.edu.au who will inform the enquirer that suitable supervision was not able to be