EV Time of Use Rate - Separately Metered
The EV Time of Use Rate is an optional billing method for residential customers who own an electric vehicle and
desire to purchase electricity based on when the actual use occurs. Pricing for the rate is lower for electricity used during periods
of low overall electric demand (off-peak hours) and higher during periods of higher electric demand (on-peak hours). By shifting
the consumption of electricity to periods of lower demand, you may take advantage of lower-cost energy. This application is for
customers wishing to connect a separate meter for the exclusive purpose of charging their Electric Vehicle.
Application for the EV Separate Meter Time of Use Rate
Name as it appears on your Central Hudson account ____________________________________________________________
Central Hudson account number _____________________________________________________________________________
Electric Vehicle VIN Number_________________________________________________________________________________
City/State of Vehicle Registration*____________________________________________________________________________
Primary phone #_________________________________ Alternate Phone #__________________________________________
Email Address______________________________________________________________________________________________
*Note that if your vehicle is not registered in New York State, you must mail in a copy of your registration with your
application. See address below.
I hereby make application to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation to enroll and to be placed on the residential EV
Charging Rate (Service Classification no. 6) for the exclusive purpose of charging of my electric vehicle separately metered
from my home.
I understand that I will be billed for the electricity purchases I may make at prices established and calculated for the EV
Charging Rate, and I will pay for such purchases when the bill is rendered. I understand that the minimum term of service is 12
months from the date I first take service under this rate, and that enrollment is subject to meter availability and coincides with the
start of a new billing cycle.
I understand that I am being placed on the residential EV Charging Rate for the sole purpose of charging my electric vehicle
and that if at any time my electric use is determined to exceed this intended utilization, my charges will be adjusted per Central
Hudson's electric tariff.
I understand that I am not eligible for the first-year bill protection available with the EV Whole Home Time of Use Rate
option, as a result of this application being for the exclusive charging of my electric vehicle.
I understand that I do not have to use less electricity to save money on the EV Charging Rate. However to do so I must
monitor my usage so that at least approximately 82 percent of the electricity I consume is used during off-peak hours; based on
using 620 kWh of electricity per month; and that changes in market prices for electricity may require that I use higher levels during
off-peak hours in order to realize savings and avoid higher charges.
I further understand that for the purpose of this program, on-peak hours are defined as 2p.m. to 7p.m., Monday through
Friday (25 hours per week). All weekday overnight hours are after the on-peak period and all weekend hours from the end of the on-
peak period Friday night, until Monday afternoon are defined as off-peak (143 hours per week). Six major holidays per year
(New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas) are also included in off-peak hours. All
electricity usage for the on-peak and off-peak hours will be measured by my time-of-use meter. My usage will be billed every month
showing the actual or estimated peak and off-peak kilowatt hours.
Customer Signature
Sign enrollment form and mail to:
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
EV Charging Rate
284 South Ave Poughkeepsie, NY 1260
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