(Improvements that do not require a Land Use Decision through the Planning Department)
(For complete details, please refer to the City of Grants Pass Municipal Code, Chapter 6.36,
Encroachment Ordinance, at http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/316/Municipal-Code, then select
Title 6 and also the Grants Pass Development Code, at
http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/221/Development-Code, then select Article 1, reference Section
“Encroachment” means the work of construction, placing, or installation of any improvement, plant, or
other matter within, over, or under the right of way, public utility easements, City utility easements,
and all other public ways or areas.
An Encroachment Permit shall be obtained from the Parks & Community Development Department
A. Making or causing to be made any excavation or encroachment in any road, street, or City
right of way;
B. Placing, constructing, or repairing any curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway, pavement, base
course, retaining wall, storm drain, culvert, pipe, conduit, cable, or other work of similar
nature in, over, along, across, or through any street;
C. Placing or leaving any impediment to travel upon any street, including trash or debris. This
does not include the placement of approved trash or recycling containers curbside on a
regularly scheduled collection day;
D. Erecting or maintaining any post, pole, fence, guardrail, wall, loading platform or any other
structure on, over, under, or within a right-of-way (may also require a Structures in the
Right-of-way Agreement);
E. Planting or removing any tree, shrub, or growing thing within a right of way. (Deposit &
Insurance are not required for this item)
F. Placing tables and chairs within the right of way. Any permit issued shall be in the form of a
sidewalk café’ permit as set forth in Title 6, Chapter 6.47 of the Municipal Code.
Encroachment Permit Submittals:
Requests for Encroachment Permits must be submitted to the Parks & Community Development
Department and include the following items for a complete submittal:
Completed and signed application (attached)
Site Plan to be 8/12” x 11” minimum to include the following:
A. Parcel Layout
B. Explain type of work to be done and where work will be done
C. Show any existing patches along property frontage
D. Show areas where asphalt will be removed and replaced
Written construction schedule, which shall include a deadline for completion of construction.
Road Closure Application (if applicable) (http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/274/Engineering-
Traffic Control Plan (if applicable)
Drainage Plan (if applicable)
Erosion Control Plan (if applicable)
Photos (if applicable)
Encroachment Permit Review:
Encroachment Permit submittals will be reviewed for completeness by the Engineering Technician in
accordance with the above checklist. If the submittal is incomplete, it will be immediately rejected and
returned without review. If the submittal is complete, it will be routed for City staff review.
The Engineering Technician will notify the applicant when the permit is ready to be issued.
The review process will be completed within seven (7) calendar days.
The Encroachment Permit fee is based on a base fee and the quantity of infrastructure being
installed. Once the quantities are determined, the following table will be used to determine the total
Encroachment Permit fee plus a base fee of $74.05:
Encroachment Item Charge
Excavation (100 sq ft or less) (ea) $ 22.94
Excavation (101-1000 sq ft) (ea) $ 98.03
Excavation (1001-3000 sq ft) (ea) $199.20
Excavation > 3001 sq ft (ea) $249.26
Driveway Approach (per sq ft) $ 0.39
Sidewalk (per sq ft) $ 0.26
Pavement (per sq ft) $ 0.26
Valley Gutter (per sq ft) $ 0.26
Manhole or Catch Basins (ea) $249.26
Fire Hydrant (ea) $375.46
Encroachment Item Charge
Pedestrian Benches (ea) $ 22.94
Traffic Survey Counts (ea ) $149.14
Annual Blanket (ea) $ 91.77
Tree/Stump Removal (ea) $ 22.94
Deposit Material in ROW (ea) $ 45.89
Curb/Gutter (per lf) $ 0.39
Storm Drain (per lf) $ 1.26
Water Laterals (per lf) $ 1.26
Sewer Laterals (per lf) $ 1.26
Fences (ea) $ 59.45
Walls less than 3’ in height (ea) $ 59.45
Walls more than 3’ in height (ea) $ 59.45
+ $1.51/sf of wall area
Encroachment Permit Issuance:
After the application is reviewed, approved, and the fee collected, the encroachment permit will be
* - Construction may not begin until the permit has been issued. Any person who starts or
performs any work regulated by the encroachment ordinance without first obtaining a permit
shall be charged double the established fees.
Deposit Required:
A. Performance Deposit: All encroachment permit applications for right of way improvements
that exceed in valuation the sum of $50,000 shall file with the City a certified check, cash,
or bond in the amount of 50% of the estimated cost of restoration as determined by the
Parks and Community Development director or a sum to be fixed by the Director as
sufficient to reimburse the City for restoring the right of way to its original condition, or for
correcting any condition arising out of any failure of the permittee to comply with any or all
conditions of the permit.
B. Where the nature of any project requiring an encroachment permit application warrants, the
director may require a performance deposit (in the form of a certified check, cash, or bond)
in an amount up to the estimated valuation of the right of way improvements, but no less
than $500, to indemnify and reimburse the City for work done by or for the City in correcting
traffic hazards, unsafe conditions, or unacceptable nuisances.
C. Warranty: Permittee warrants that all materials and equipment furnished shall be of good
quality and new unless otherwise required or permitted by the Director, that the work
performed will be free from defects and that the work will conform to the requirements of
the plans and specifications, City standards, and applicable federal, state and local laws
and regulations. The warranty shall be in effect for a period of two years following the date
of final inspection.
See Encroachment Ordinance for complete details.
Insurance Required:
A. The applicant shall deposit with the Parks & Community Development Department a
certificate of comprehensive public liability insurance covering the work to be done.
Liability insurance requirements shall be set forth by resolution.
B. The liability insurance policy shall be maintained by the grantee throughout the term of the
encroachment permit including any and all extensions. Each policy shall contain the
following endorsement:
“It is hereby understood and agreed that this policy may not be canceled nor the intention
not to renew be stated until forty-five (45) days after receipt by the city, by registered mail,
of a written notice addressed to the Parks & Community Development Department of such
intent to cancel or not to renew.”
See Encroachment Ordinance for complete details.
(Mark “X” to all that apply)
Encroachment Permit:
Grading Permit:
Project Address:
Nearest Intersection:
Phone/Cell Phone/Fax/Email:
All work within public rights-of-way must be performed by licensed prequalified contractors per Chapter 9.37 of the Grants Pass
Municipal Code, at http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/316/Municipal-Code, then select Title 9.
Contractor Name: (If not applicant) Address Phone Fax Email
Required: Please attach or provide sketch of the project on reverse side, including any existing patches along property frontage.
Road Closure Required:
N (If Yes, explain. Please attach Road Closure Application & Traffic Control Plan)
I verify that the information presented on this application is true to the best of my knowledge:
Printed Name:
Reviews Completed
Completed By & Date
Completed/Signed Application
Application Reviewed
Sketch of Project
Application Approved
Construction Schedule
Applicant Notified
Date: Time:
Road Closure Application
Fee Paid
Traffic Control Plan
Permit Issued
Site Plan
Project Number
Enc./Grading Permit No.
Drainage Plan
SS Plumbing Permit No.
Grading Plan
Street Class: Age:
Erosion Control
Franchise □ Private □ City of Grants Pass
Contractor: Prequalified
□ Yes □ No
City Bus License
□ Yes □ No
* - Application processing will be completed within seven (7) calendar days from the receipt of the application.