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Original Application Number Revision Application Number
Application Name
Tax Account Number(s): __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
Fees (check all that apply):
Land Development, $525.00 (Required) Engineering Design, $300.00
Traffic Operations, $100.00 Landscaping, $480.00
Natural Resources, $360.00 Address Assignment, $50.00
Zoning, $200.00
Total Fees: _______________
General Description of Revision:
Sheet Numbers: ____________________________________________________________
Engineering Revision Application Revised 09/12/19
Page 2
Engineer of Record or Contact:
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Engineer or Contact Name Company
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Street City State Zip Code
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Phone Number Cell Phone Number Fax Number Email Address
Submittal Requirements:
Revised application
5 copies of the revised plans
The areas of the revision are to be clouded with delta reference inside the clouded area.
The revision block shall show the delta number, revision description, and the engineer’s
Provide a statement or note on plants as to the extent of the changes, if needed for
Site Plan revisions require a revised general statement in addition to the original general
Revision Fees: A schedule of fees and charges for review is established by the Brevard
County Board of County Commissioners, and may, from time to time, be amended.
Inspection Fees: Updated inspection fees may be required upon approval if there is an
increase in construction cost due to the revision.
Please indicate if documents being submitted are Section 508 ADA Compliant.
Engineering Revision Application Revised 09/12/19
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