Before submitting civil construction drawings for review by the Engineering Division, you must
complete the Land Use Decision Process, if applicable. (However, if the proposed public
improvement is not based on a Land Use Decision please contact the Engineering Division directly
for staff input prior to beginning design and then proceed to “Plan Review Submittals”.)
Listed below are the steps you must complete through the Planning Department prior to submitting
civil construction plans to the Engineering Division for review. (These are general in nature. Please
refer to Article 3 in the Grants Pass Development code for complete details at:
http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/221/Development-Code )
o Pre-Application Conference
o Submittal of Formal Application Materials
o Determination of Procedure Type
o Application Completeness and Processing Timeline
o Referral and Review of Complete Application
o Decision or Recommendation
o Appeal Process
Once you receive the final decision from the Planning Department (either in the form of a Director’s
Decision for Type 1 Procedure or in the form of Findings of Fact for Types 2-5 Procedures) and the
conditions require your development to install public improvements, you can submit your construction
plans to the Engineering Division for review.
Plan Review Submittals:
Listed below are the items required for a complete plan review submittal:
Plan Review Submittal:
Completed and signed application (attached)
Complete number of sets of 24 x 36 civil construction plans (see below)
Storm Drainage Calculations by Oregon Professional Engineer
Copy of Approved Site Plan or Tentative Plat (whichever is applicable)
Copy of the Staff Report or Findings of Fact issued by the Planning Department (whichever is
Plan Review Fee
Geo Tech Report (if applicable)
Traffic Impact Mitigation (if applicable)
ODOT Permit (if applicable)
Josephine County Public Works Permit (if applicable)
NPDES Permit (if applicable)
DSL Permit (if applicable)
DEQ Permit (if applicable)
Plan Review submittal and/or each Subsequent Review until approved:
One copy of revised 24 x 36 civil plans including any additional sheets signed and stamped by
the Registered Engineer
City review redlines
One copy of any revised report signed and stamped by a registered engineer
Any report or permit that was not available during the 1
plan review
Signed & notarized Developer Installed Agreement. (Engineering Division to provide
agreement with return of 1
review. Developer to provide with 2
Plan Review Submittal.)
Estimated Public Infrastructure Costs (must be submitted & approved prior to City approval of
construction plans)
Any outstanding fees (see belowmust be paid prior to the start of construction)
Plan Review Timeframes:
Plan review submittals will be logged in and out by the Parks & Community Development Department
Support Staff Technician and reviewed for completeness by the Engineering Technician in accordance
with the above checklists. If the submittal is incomplete, it will be immediately rejected and returned
without review. If the submittal is complete, it will be routed for City staff and outside agencies review.
Staff review times are listed below:
Plan Review: 2 weeks from date of complete submittal
& Subsequent
Plan Reviews: 1 week from the date of complete submittal
Number of Sets:
Submitted plans shall be 24 x 36 civil plans; signed and stamped by a Registered Professional
Engineer with the State of Oregon designed in accordance with the staff report or findings of fact (if
applicable), current City of Grants Pass Standard Drawings and Specifications
(http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/283/Standard-Drawings ), and Oregon Standard Specifications for
Construction, current edition.
The number of sets of plans required for submittal to the City of Grants Engineering Division is as
1st Plan Review: Minimum 5 sets
If installing a Fireline Add additional set
State Highway is Involved Add additional set
Josephine County is Involved Add additional set
GPID is Involved Add additional set
& Subsequent Reviews 1 revised set plus City redline drawings
The following fees will be assessed and collected for all Developer Installed Projects: Plan Review
Fee, Encroachment Permit Fee, Grading Permit Fee, GIS Fee & Inspection Services Fee.
Plan review fee: $564.93 base fee + $60.06 per lot..
Encroachment Permit Fee: Flat fee of $74.05
Grading Permit Fee: This fee is determined by the quantity of soil being excavated and/or deposited
and is calculated as follows:
Grading Volume Charge
50 cubic yards (cy) or less
51100 (cy)
1011,000 (cy)
Base Fee
1,00110,000 (cy)
Base Fee
10,001100,000 (cy)
Base Fee
100,001 (cy) or more
Each Additional 10,000 (cy)
Base Fee
$59.04/10,000 (cy)
Inspection Services Fee: This fee is based on the estimated public infrastructure improvements,
installed complete (to be provided by the developer’s engineer before approved construction
drawings are submitted to Engineering). Fees will be collected prior to the pre-construction meeting
and start of construction and before issuance of the Development Permit by Planning. The fee is
calculated as follows:
Est. Const. Cost Service Charge
$100,000 or less
Geographical Information System (GIS) Fee: Per City of Grants Pass Resolution No. 5935,
adopted April 18, 2012, a GIS fee has been added. This fee is calculated as follows:
Estimated Public Infrastructure Cost x Service Charge = Inspection Services Fee
Inspection Services Fee x 5% = GIS Fee
Construction Drawing Approval:
Upon completion of the plan review process, Developer’s engineer must submit final plans to the City
for a two step signature process.
Step 1: The City will sign-off for approval of City jurisdiction public infrastructure improvements. The
Developer’s engineer will then take the final plans to be signed-off by other agencies (i.e. GPID, Power,
Gas, Phone, Cable, ODOT, Josephine County Public Works, etc.).
Step 2: After the Developer’s Engineer receives sign-offs from the other agencies, the final plans must
then be resubmitted to the City to be signed-off for Approval of Construction. Developer’s Engineer
shall provide three (3) sets of approved plans prior to start of construction. (Please note: The sign-off
for approval of construction does not constitute approval to start construction).
Construction Drawing As-builts:
“As-built” Mylars with a signed and dated “Project Certification on the front page must be submitted to
the Engineering Department prior to Final Plat approval, issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or final
inspection, which ever is applicable. The Project Certification shall state the following:
“I hereby certify that this project was constructed to the lines, grade and section as shown on
these plans and that all materials and workmanship are in conformance with the plans and
applicable specifications.
Pre-Construction Meeting:
The pre-construction meeting will not be held until the following items are complete:
Issuance of Development Permit
Issuance of Other Outside Agency Permits (i.e. ODOT, JoCoPW, NPDES, DSL/Corp etc.)
Payment & Issuance of Encroachment Permit
Payment & Issuance of Grading Permit
Payment of Inspection Services Fee
Payment of the GIS Fee
Once the above items are complete a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled prior to the start of
construction by the PCDDSST with the following parties:
Developer’s Engineer
Power, Phone, Gas, Cable, GPID
City Inspector
Public Works
Once the above items are complete and the pre-construction meeting is held construction
may begin.
The requirements referred to on this checklist can be found in the City of Grants Pass Standard
Drawings and Specifications.
General Requirements for submitted Construction Plans
o Registered Oregon Professional Engineer stamp and signature
o Storm drainage calculations by Oregon professional engineer.
o Owner or fiduciary will be responsible for obtaining approvals (signatures in the signature
block) from other agencies (i.e., power, telephone, gas, cable, etc.), prior to the City
authorizing construction to proceed.
Items to be shown or specified on the plans:
Title Block:
o Locate in lower right-hand corner or right side of each sheet with all applicable
o Project title (Subdivision, Partition, etc.)
o Project Engineer/Surveyor (Name, address, telephone)
o Project Engineer’s Stamp
o Project Owner/Developer (Name, address, telephone)
o Project location (Township, Range, Section, Quarter)
o Project description (Street, sanitary sewer, water main, storm drain, etc.)
o Street Name
o Drawn by , Designed by , Checked by .
o Date.
o Scale (Horizontal and vertical).
o Revisions block.
o Sheet_ of_
North arrow.
Basis of bearing: with ties to two Geodetic Control Points.
Basis of elevation: on a true datum.
TBM’s with elevations, locations and descriptions.
Right-of-way survey monuments that shall be set as part of the project.
Right-of-way survey monuments found.
Right-of-way width on Plan View.
Street width on Plan View.
Vicinity map, on front page.
Property Owner’s names and Assessor’s map and tax lot numbers.
Curve Data: (If applicable)
o Construction centerline.
o Right-of-way centerline (If different than construction centerline).
o Street intersection radii.
o Right-of-way intersection radii.
o Cul-de-sac radius and returns: Finish surface and right-of-way.
Typical Road Section: (If applicable)
o State road classification.
o Subgrade specifications.
o Base course specifications.
o Leveling course specifications.
o Surfacing specifications.
o Curb and gutter and sidewalk specifications.
o Utility locations (i.e., power, gas, telephone, etc.)
Centerline profile, showing both existing ground and finished grade. Ditch line grades in areas not
requiring curb and gutter, including profile and section of intercepting ditches. Submit cross sections
at 50-foot intervals, at critical sections and as required by Engineering Department of the City of
Grants Pass.
Erosion sediment control measures and slope design consistent with a report submitted by a
qualified professional engineer or geotechnical engineer if any cut or fill exceeds 4 feet in height;
grading on slopes of 15% or greater; or grading granitic soils.
Special drainage ditches, drainage structures, culverts & bridges.
Private storm drain systems; notify property owner to obtain plumbing permit, follow plumbing code
and have system inspected by plumbing inspector.
Storm Sewers and Sanitary Sewer:
o Size.
o Material type and gauge or class of pipe.
o Coating, if applicable.
o Manholes
o Invert elevations/grades
o Slope grades
Water Lines:
o Size.
o Material type and gauge or class of pipe
o Coating, if applicable.
o Slope grades.
o All fittings and appurtenances. (Values, size, type)
Traffic regulatory and warning sign plan; also showing pass/ no pass zones.
General notes and notes for each public improvement being installed.
Show street plugs, if applicable.
Road approach and driveway locations and details.
Trees to be removed and replaced.
Retaining wall specifications.
Identify “no cut” streets, if applicable.
Public improvements to cover full frontage of property.
Installation of public improvements shall be within right-of-way
Identify wells to be abandoned.
Identify sewer/water mains to be abandoned.
Sewer/water services shall not cross property lines.
Private sewer/water service laterals will require a plumbing permit.
Construction accesses to be rocked.
Standard drawings and details.
Agency approval block, front page.
Show all easements on plans. (These must be recorded prior to C of O unless on plat)
Show striping plan, if applicable.
Show traffic mitigation improvements.
“As-built Mylars” shall have a signed and dated “Project Certification on the front page stating the
“I hereby certify that this project was constructed to the lines, grade and section as shown on these
plans and that all materials and workmanship are in conformance with the plans and applicable
Development Name:
Subdivision Name:
Map/Tax Lot #:
Phone: Alternate:
Project Address:
Estimated Construction Costs:
(Attach Backup Detail)
Additional Parties:
Owner: Phone Number:
Address: Email Address:
Developer: Phone Number:
Address: Email Address:
Design Engineer: Phone Number:
Address: Email Address:
Description of Project:
Additional Jurisdictions:
(Mark “X” to all that apply)
Contractor/Contact Information:
All work within public rights-of-ways must be performed by licensed prequalified contractors per Chapter 9.37 of the Grants Pass Municipal Code, at
http://www.grantspassoregon.gov/316/Municipal-Code#title9, then select Title 9.
Please list the licensed contractors you will be using on this project:
Contractor/Company Name
CCB/LCB Number
Business Tax Number
I verify that the information presented on this application is true to the best of my knowledge:
Printed Name:
For Engineering Use Only:
Submittals Attached
Reviews Completed
Completed By & Date
Plan Review Application
Complete # of sets of plans
SD Calcs
Approved Site Plan
Approved Tent. Plat
Sign Off Signatures
Staff Report
Const. Dwgs. Appvd
Findings of Fact
Plan Review Fee
DIA Signed/Recorded
Estimated Construction Costs
Develop Permit Issued
Geo Tech Report
Traffic Impact Analysis
Enc Permit Issued/Pd
Permit No. Date:
ODOT Permit
Grading Pmt Issued/Pd
Permit No. Date:
Josephine County Permit
Inspection Fee
Date Paid:
NPDES Permit
Date Paid:
DSL Permit
Precon Mtg Held
Date Held: