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Elizabethtown College entered into an agreement in July 2017 with Regroup, Inc. to provide
emergency notification services for the College with the Regroup System.
The College provides the company with the office phone numbers and College e-mail addresses for
all Elizabethtown faculty and staff. The information will be used in the unlikely event of a life-
threatening or potentially catastrophic emergency at the College.
To broaden our reach during an emergency, we are asking all faculty and staff to provide us with
additional contact information: the number of the cellular phone that you regularly carry with you,
the number and carrier for your text-enabled device (if you have one), and your home e-mail
address. Per our contract, Regroup, Inc. will not sell, share, lease or rent contact information
name, phone numbers and email addresses with any companies outside of Regroup, Inc. or
Regroup service providers.
Additionally, we are requesting the name and phone number of your emergency contacts.
REGROUP Contact Information
Cell Phone Number:
Home E-mail Address:
Emergency Contact Information
# 1 Emergency Contact Name:
#1 Emergency Contact Number:
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