If you have questions about the report(s), please contact your office administrator for assistance. Please
remember, in order to be fully compliant with credit reporting standards, you will NOT receive a complete
credit report. The report you receive will convert the credit and eviction history into an instant, easy to
read, objective rating and rental recommendation
Weichert Property Management (NJ 6635)
1. Agent Contact Information:
Agent Name: _____________________________
Agent Region: (NJ 6635) New Jersey
Telephone Number: _____________________________
E-Mail Address: _____________________________
4 Digit Passcode: _____________
(Please create your own 4 digit passcode that you will use to retrieve your report.)
2. Report(s) Requested:
NTN DecisionPoint Report
Criminal Background Report
Completed Rental Application (will be sent separately)
** Please list applicant(s) name and monthly rent for apartment they are
applying for below:
Applicant #1 Co-applicant 2 Co-applicant 3/
Name ______________ _____________ ___________
Monthly Rent: ______________
(rental applying for)
Check this box if Section 8 Applicant
Agent has received notification from the tenant that applicant and all co-applicant
applications have been COMPLETED. Please note: Notification of completion MUST
be received prior to sending this request. BOTH the request form AND the Non-
Disclosure form MUST be completed, signed, and submitted before you will receive
your reports!
Weichert Property Management
Sales Associate/Landlord Confidentiality Certification
The purpose of this Certification and Confidentiality Agreement (hereinafter the “ Agreement”) is to enable the Landlord or, if applicable, the
Landlord’s Listing Agent, to access: (1) the Prospective Tenant’s Rental Application, and (2) a Consumer Report regarding the Prospective
Tenant, in connection with said Prospective Tenant’s interest in leasing the Property. The Consumer Report was prepared by National Tenant
Network, Inc. (hereinafter “NTN”), a national credit reporting service.
However, before we can provide access to any documents about interested applicants, you must acknowledge that you understand, and will
abide by, legal requirements that apply to users of Consumer Reports under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable Privacy laws.
Upon the Agent’s receipt of this Agreement, completed and acknowledged by you, Weichert Property Management will be able to provide you
with access to the Rental Application and/or NTN Consumer Report for applicants applying for your property(ies).
1.) Place initials next to the statement below:
[______] I am the Owner/Landlord of one or more rental properties.
[______] I am the Listing Agent for the Owner/Landlord of a Property that is currently available to rent.
[______]I am the Tenant Agent for the Prospective Tenant who has applied to the rent the Property.
2) I certify that I have a legitimate business need to obtain the NTN Consumer Report regarding the Prospective Tenant in connection with
the tenant application screening process.
3.) I acknowledge that the information contained in the NTN Consumer Report cannot be used for any purpose other than the tenant
application screening process; and, consequently, I hereby certify that I will not use said information for any other purpose.
4.) I certify that I will not disclose the NTN Consumer Report itself, nor any of the information set forth therein, to any third party.
5.) I understand that if an owner/landlord: (1) declines a prospective tenant’s rental application based in whole or in part on any of the
information set forth in a Consumer Credit Report, including the NTN Consumer Report, or (2) imposes more onerous terms (e.g. only
renting to a prospective tenant at an increased rent or with an increased security deposit up to an amount permitted by applicable state
law, or with another party co-signing the lease, etc.) based in whole or in part on information contained in a Consumer Credit Report, then
the owner/landlord must provide the prospective tenant with a written or electronic notice of the consumer’s rights as required under
the Fair Credit Reporting Act which is sometimes referred to as an Adverse Action Letter.
I hereby certify that I have read and understand the information set forth above. [__________] initials
Landlord or Tenant/Listing Agent Signature Date
Landlord or Tenant/Listing Agent Name (Printed)
Additional Information Provided by NTN
All users of Consumer Reports must comply with all applicable, current State and Federal Laws and regulations. Information regarding same is
attached hereto; and, can also be found at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website (www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore).
Weichert Property Management