DIRECTIONS: Please complete and return this form to the presenters of the professional development activity. Providers must retain
this form for a minimum of six years for ISBE auditing purposes.
LOCATION (Facility, City, State)
1. Indicate the outcome(s) of this professional development. (Check all that apply)
Increased the knowledge and skills of school and district leaders who guide continuous professional development
Will lead to improved learning for students
Addressed the organization of adults into learning communities whose goals are aligned with those of their schools and districts
Deepened participants’ content knowledge in one or more content (subject) areas
Provided participants with research-based instructional strategies to assist students in meeting rigorous academic standards
Prepared participants to appropriately use various types of classroom assessments
Used learning strategies appropriate to the intended goals
Provided participants with the knowledge and skills to collaborate
Prepared participants to apply research to decision-making
Provided educators with training on inclusive practices in the classroom that examines instructional and behavioral
strategies that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students, with or without disabilities, in a general
education setting
None of the above describes the effects of this professional development
2. Identify those statements that directly apply to this professional development. (Check all that apply)
Activities were of a type that engaged participants over a sustained period of time allowing for analysis, discovery, and application
as they relate to student learning, social or emotional achievement, or well-being.
This professional development aligned to my performance as an educator.
The outcomes for the activities relate to student growth or district improvement.
The activities offered for this event aligned to State-approved standards.
Professional Development Standards
Illinois Content Area Standards
Professional Educator Standards
Illinois Professional Leader Standards
This activity was higher education coursework.
None of these statements apply to this professional development.
100 North First Street, E-240
Springeld, Illinois 62777-0001
For each statement below, write the number (4 to 1) that best describes how you feel about your experience in this professional development.
4 – Strongly Agree 3 – Agree 2 – Somewhat Agree 1 – Disagree
A. The outcomes of this professional development were clearly identified as the knowledge and/or skills that I should gain as a
result of my participation.
B. This professional development will impact my professional growth or student growth in regards to content knowledge or skills,
or both.
C. This professional development will impact my social and emotional growth or student social and emotional growth.
D. Overall, the presenter appeared to be knowledgeable of the content provided
E. The materials and presentation techniques utilized were well-organized and engaging
F. The professional development aligned to my district or school improvement plans.
ISBE 77-21A (8/21)
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