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early decision agreement
Before completing this form, please consult the instructions for ED applicants on the member’s institutional website.
Important: The Early Decision Agreement is required only for candidates who have chosen to apply via the binding Early Decision Plan to their first-choice institution.
College name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
p Early Decision p Early Decision II Deadline _____________________________________
Legal Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Last/Family/Sur (Enter name exactly as it appears on official documents.) First/Given Middle (complete) Jr., etc.
Birth Date ___________________________________________________ CAID (Common App ID) _______________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Number & Street Apartment # City/Town State/Province Country ZIP/Postal Code
School you now attend ________________________________________________________ CEEB/ACT Code _____________________________________
Have you been a candidate for admission to this college in any previous year?
p Yes p No Year _____________
From the National Association for College Admission Counseling Statement of Principles of Good Practice:
“Early Decision (ED) is the application process in which students make a commitment to a first-choice institution where, if admitted, they definitely will
enroll. While pursuing admission under an Early Decision plan, students may apply to other institutions, but may have only one Early Decision application pending at
any time. Should a student who applies for financial aid not be offered an award that makes attendance possible, the student may decline the offer of admission and
be released from the Early Decision commitment. The institution must notify the applicant of the decision within a reasonable and clearly stated period of time after the
Early Decision deadline. Usually, a nonrefundable deposit must be made well in advance of May 1. The institution will respond to an application for financial aid at or
near the time of an offer of admission. Institutions with Early Decision plans may restrict students from applying to other early plans. Institutions will clearly articulate
their specific policies in their Early Decision agreement.”
If you are accepted under an Early Decision plan, you must promptly withdraw the applications submitted to other colleges and universities and make no
additional applications to any other university in any country. If you are an Early Decision candidate and are seeking financial aid, you need not withdraw other
applications until you have received notification about financial aid from the admitting Early Decision institution.
Signature of Student ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________
I wish to be considered as an Early Decision candidate at: _________________________________________________________________________________.
I have read and understand my rights and responsibilities under the Early Decision process. I also understand that with an Early Decision offer of admission, this
institution may share my name and my Early Decision Agreement with other institutions.
Signature of Counselor _____________________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________
As the counselor, I have advised the applicant to abide by the Early Decision commitment outlined above.
Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian ___________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________
As the parent/legal guardian, I will ensure that the applicant abides by the Early Decision commitment outlined above.