Whether you are just beginning your ECC studies or approaching graduation, your achievements in
and out of the classroom can earn you scholarship money for educational expenses. Scholarships
are a free resource you do not repay. They are awarded for a number of reasons, including academic
standing, leadership, specialized talents, ethnic origin, and nancial need. The average amount
awarded per student last year was $1,000—covering over half of a semester's full-time tuition.
During the 2018-2019 school year, the ECC Foundation awarded 331 scholarships to 273 students. More than 200 student
scholarships are available each year in three primary categories: career areas of study, academic and leadership excellence, and
nancial need.
Scholarships are awarded on a rst-come, rst-served basis.
You will be notied via the email address you provide on your application if
you have been awarded a scholarship.
ECC Foundation scholarships are for students attending ECC and are
not intended to cover educational expenses incurred at another institution,
unless specically stated in the scholarship.
It is possible to receive more than one ECC Foundation scholarship,
simply by applying with a single form. ECC Foundation scholarship
applications are screened for a potential match to every available
foundation scholarship.
Scholarship applications are not complete until you have submitted
all required documents, including one letter of support. Current or
former teachers, work and/or volunteer supervisors, coaches, faith leaders,
counselors, or mentors are all great resources for letters of support.
You may still apply for and receive other forms of nancial aid even
Approximately 80 percent
of students who apply by
June 1 receive at least one
scholarship award.
All scholarship recipients
are required to have a
2.0 GPA or better.
if you receive scholarships. In addition to ECC Foundation scholarships, you
may be eligible for a Board of Trustees scholarship and other tuition waivers and/or
scholarships from private donors. Go to for more information.
Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Ofce for assistance: 847-214-7360, Building B, Room B156.
Complete the ECC Foundation scholarship application online at or complete the paper application
(see reverse) and submit it to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Ofce, Building B, Room B156. Include responses to three
short-answer questions about yourself and one letter of support. For free help with your responses to the questions, visit the Write
Place in Building B, Room B274, or call 847-214-7480.
Respond to all of the questions in the application.
Whether applying online or with a paper application, you may submit a hard copy of your letter of support
to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Ofce.
Respond thoughtfully to the three short-answer questions. Instructions provided at the top of the next page.
If you apply online:
o Provide contact information, including an email address, for one person to write a letter of support
on your behalf. An automated email will be sent to your reference with instructions for
submitting a letter of support online.
o Check the status of your letter of support by logging in to your online application
at .
o Once y
ou’ve completed the application, remember to click “Submit.
First Name
Other Phone
On a separate piece of paper, preferably typed, please answer each of the following questions:
1. What are your educational goals and values?
2. Explain why you should receive a scholarship and how you will benet from receiving a scholarship.
What is your level of nancial need?
3. Why did you select ECC? What are the contributions (e.g., community service, volunteer activities,
family responsibilities) you have made or plan to make to the college and the larger community?
Attach responses to questions and one letter of support. (The letter is a positive statement about the
student's academic and/or personal qualities and the student's likelihood for future success.)
Submit to: Financial Aid & Scholarships Ofce, Building B, Room B156,
Elgin Community College, 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin, IL 60123
Scholarship awards ar
e based on the review and evaluation of complete applications. Scholarships are awarded on a rst-come, rst-served basis.
Each student who completes the application process will be notied of the results via the email address provided on the application.
Please respond to every question, even if the answer is not applicable (N/A). Please print.
Last Name _________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Middle Initial _______________
___________________ ECC Student ID or Social Security # ________________________________ Date of Birth ______________________ Birthplace (State/Country)
If you don’t have an ECC ID or SSN, enter N/A.
Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________ ______________________________________
Street Address State ___________ __________________ ZIP
Cell Phone
Female Male
Gender Identity
Male Agender
Androgyne Demigender Genderqueer or Gender Fluid
Identity Not Listed Questioning or Unsure Trans Man Trans Woman Choose Not to Respond
Marital Status
Single Married Single Parent
Ethnicity (Optional) African-American/Non-Hispanic White/Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacic Islander
American Indian/Alaskan Native Other
Check One_____
U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident DACA
Visa Holder
Visa Type ___________________________________________________________
Other _______________________________________________________ Are you an international student?
Yes No
Are you a military veteran? Yes No
Is one of y
our parents or siblings an ECC alumnus? Yes No
High School
_______________________________________________________________________ Graduation Date
________________ GED
/High School Equivalency
Academic Status New Student Current/Returning Student Dual Credit (
Dual enrollment in high school and ECC) Non-Credit
Please check all that apply.
What is your major/area of interest? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Will you enroll full time during the 2020-2021 school year? Yes No For how many credit hours will you enroll each semester?
Do you plan to transfer to a four-y
ear institution during the 2020-2021 school year? Yes
No If yes, indicate last semester at ECC. __________
Have you completed a FAFSA?
Yes No (FAFSA can be completed online at Not required for most ECC Foundation scholarships.)
Do you currently work with anyone in the Disability Services Ofce? Yes
Are you planning to enroll in the study abroad program during the 2020-2021 school year?
Yes No
Are you involved in ECC sports or clubs? Please list:
I certify that all information I hav
e provided in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand the scholarship committee may condentially
review any information I submit to the ECC Financial Aid and Scholarships Ofce. If I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to release my name, image, and
relevant information for public announcements, newspaper articles, college marketing, and other promotional uses.
Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________________________________
Information subject to change. 5434/MW/20190807