ECC Course Evaluation Form
Instructions: Please take a moment to complete this evaluation of the course in which you have just
participated. We want to provide excellent courses, and value your opinion. Your comments will be used
to make ongoing improvements in our programs. We appreciate your responses.
Date: Which course did you attend?
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Location of Course: Medical Credentials:
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Rating Scale: 1-Strongly Disagree 2-Disagree 3-Neutral 4-Agree 5-Strongly Agree
01. The program met its stated objectives.
02. Overall this course met my expectations.
03. The program content was relevant to my
work and extended my knowlledge.
04. There was an adequate supply of equipment
that was clean and in good working order.
05. The method of presentation enhanced my
overall learning of the subject.
06. The audiovisual materials were utilized in
a manner that enhanced my learning.
07. The program resource materials (textbooks,
outlines, handouts) were useful.
09. Course materials were provided in an
adequate amount of time.
10. The classroom environment was conducive
to learning.
11. There was adequate and appropriate
physical facilities for this course.
12. I would recommend this course to my
13. The program was presented at a pace which
was conducive to learning.
14. Instructors presented the material with
knowledge and clarity.
15. Instructors provided adequate and helpful
08. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the
lead instructor:
16. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the
specific program in which you attended:
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to make
Please list the
strengths and
weaknesses of
the program
you attended:
Please submit your comments to the Instructor at course end, or if you prefer, you can mail this form directly
to the Training Center (2990 Landrum Education Dr.; Oakwood, GA 30566). Thank you for your participation!
August 31, 2006