Use the following worksheet to determine how much you can earn, either public or
private employment during a calendar year.
Disability Retirees (accidental or ordinary) working please use this section to calculate
earnings, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 32, § 91A.
Calculation for Calendar Year: ________
Position from which you retired
“Regular Compensation” for that position
(Salary you would earn if you were still working)
Additional amount allowed under statute
Sub Total
Subtract total amount of Retirement Allowance
(Pension + Annuity)
This is the amount you are allowed to earn 
If you exceed your allowable earnings amount, you must refund the excess amount to
your retirement system.
PLEASE NOTE: The regular compensation (salary) amount must be obtained from your
former employer, and the retirement allowance (pension + annuity) must be obtained
from the retirement board. PERAC does not have these figures; however, once you
obtain them, you may contact Sandra King for assistance at 617-666-4446, ext. 947.
In addition to the compensation limits calculated above, retirees are also limited in public
sector post retirement employment by total hours in a calendar year. No retiree is
allowed to work in excess of 960 hours, in the aggregate from all such public sector
employment, during a calendar year. Any such employment beyond this hourly limit
would be considered excess earnings.
+ 15,000.00 $
Effective 1/1/15