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Dual Enrollment at
Cape Cod Community College
The Dual Enrollment Process:
1. Apply
Complete this application in full with the assistance of a parent/guardian and your High School
guidance counselor.
Be sure to include the In-State Tuition form and a High School transcript (from your guidance
Submit your application (Pages 5 - 8) to the Admissions Office via fax, mail or in person.
Incomplete applications cannot be processed
All Dual Enrollment applications are due before the Information Session you
choose to attend.
2. Attend an Information Session
Once you have submitted your application, please register online for an Information Session,
which is mandatory for all first-time Dual Enrollment students.
Information Session dates can be found online (see Page 2).
Returning students are not required to attend an Information Session and can skip to #4
3. Placement Testing
Placement testing is required of all new CCCC students, unless you have tested within the last 3
years. You will schedule a testing appointment during your Information Session.
Testing will assess your English and Math skills. Details will be provided at the Information
4. Register for courses
After testing, you will meet with the Dual Enrollment Counselor or an Admissions Counselor.
Together, you will choose and register for your selected courses based your guidance
counselor’s recommendations.
5. Attend New Student Orientation
Orientation will provide critical information to new students such as a campus tour and set up of
student email, etc.
Be sure you know when the New Student Orientations will be held. The Dual Enrollment
counselor can provide this information or it is on our website.
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What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment is a unique program designed to help qualified high school students take college courses. Dual
enrollment students earn credit toward both high school and college credit. Upon successful completion, most
college-level courses taken at CCCC will transfer to a Massachusetts State college or university with you.
Additionally, courses may transfer to private colleges and universities. All colleges will review your CCCC
academic transcript for transferability of the credits completed at CCCC.
Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?
In order to be eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment program, students must meet these requirements:
1. Massachusetts high school students, or homeschooled students, who are at least 16 years of age.
a. Students under the age of 16 need CCCC permission and must complete an Under-Age Student
Appeal for Enrollment form, which is available in the Admissions Office. *Please note that this
process takes additional time and should be started as early as possible to ensure admittance to
the Dual Enrollment program.
2. Students who have attained a minimum 2.5 grade point average or above at their high school.
a. Students with a GPA less than 2.5 but greater than 2.0 may be eligible for Dual Enrollment. A
written recommendation from a high school guidance counselor or official and placement
testing are required.
Information Session Dates
Once your application has been sent to CCCC, please register for one of the dates below to attend an Information
Session using the link below.
Information Sessions provide an overview of the program and the college-level expectations that Dual Enrollment
students will be required to meet in these courses. Other topics include Placement testing, the academic calendar, and
college policies such as changing schedules, requesting transcripts, FERPA regulations, and the registration process.
Information Sessions typically run 45 60 minutes in length. Registration is required to attend an Information Session.
Parents/guardians, friends and guests are invited to attend also. Please note: Classes fill up quickly so an earlier session
is recommended.
LOCATION: Admissions Office, 1
floor, Nickerson Administration Building
Dates and times of Information Sessions are posted here:
Register for an Information Session at:
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Frequently Asked Questions
*Do I have to attend an Information Session?
Students who have never taken a Dual Enrollment course before must attend an Information Session. Returning
students (who have attended an Information Session previously) are not required to attend a second Information
*Do I need the placement test?
All new students are required to complete a computerized ACCUPLACER® skills assessment. You will not be able
to register for courses until you have completed the placement tests. If you were a Dual Enrolment student
before and took the placement tests within the last three years, your results are still valid.
In order to sign up for a placement test, you must attend an Information Session (see previous page) and your
Dual Enrollment application must be on file. Immediately following your placement test, you will meet with the
Dual Enrollment Counselor or an Admissions counselor to discuss your scores and register for classes.
*Who will pay for the course(s)?
All expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies and transportation will be the responsibility of the student.
CCCC may have limited funds from the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership (CDEP) and from the Cape
Cod Community College Whitehouse fund that can be used to help eligible students with the cost of one course.
If you would like to be considered for these grants, you must complete the “Application for Grant Award”
questions on the bottom of Page 1 of the Dual Enrollment Application.
*Where will classes be held?
Most courses will be offered at CCCC’s main campus in West Barnstable. Some courses may have alternative
locations. Dual Enrollment students are not typically permitted to take online courses.
*What time can I take courses?
Dual Enrollment students can enroll in day, evening, or weekend courses, subject to their high school schedule
and their guidance counselor’s recommendations. Classes generally meet three hours per week. Science classes
will also include a two-hour lab per week. Some classes will meet 3 times per week for 50 minutes each meeting;
others may meet two times per week for 75 minutes per class, or they may meet once per week for three hours.
*What is the maximum number of courses I can take?
Students will not be allowed to enroll in more courses than is recommended by their guidance counselor on the
Dual Enrollment application. CCCC courses are intended to compliment your high school schedule. The number of
courses you choose to study must be discussed with your guidance counselor and parents/guardians. Full-time is
considered four or five courses. The maximum number of courses is five. You should consider your other
commitments for co-curricular activities, after-school employment and the right balance with the number of
courses you choose to take.
*I have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (or 504 plan) at my high school; will those accommodations be in place if
I take Dual Enrollment courses at Cape Cod Community College?
If you have a documented disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the O’Neill Center for Disability
Services, located in the M.M. Wilkens Hall, Room 222, or call 508-362-2131, ext. 5433. Accommodations will not
be provided without an Accommodation Plan from the O’Neill Center for Disability Services. It is the responsibility
of the student to deliver the Accommodation Plan to the instructor.
*How can I get more information?
Find out more by speaking with your guidance counselor or by contacting our Admissions Office:
Sharon Boonstra, Admissions/Dual Enrollment Counselor
Telephone: 774-330-4992 Fax: 508-375-4089
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Ineligible Course List
Courses ineligible for Dual Enrollment students include, but are not limited to, the following courses:
All accelerated courses, including courses that include a Q” in the course number.
All International Study-abroad courses.
All selective health programs core courses, including:
Any courses with a DEN### course number
Any courses with a NUR### course number Except NUR100 Pharmacology Calculations
Any courses with a MAC### course number
Any courses with a MIN### course number
Any course with a MT C### except MCT 135 Intro to Complementary Healing Process
EMS201 Advanced Pre-Hospital Training Program: Paramedic I
EMS202 Advanced Pre-Hospital Training Program: Paramedic II
HEA130 Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support
DT C102 EKG Technician
DT C104 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy
MIN200 Medical Interpreter Practicum
CNA117 Tri-level Nursing Assistant/HHA (CAN) (Exceptions may be ma de for high school seniors during the
spring semester.)
All cooperative work experiences/internships, including:
ACC261 Accounting Cooperative Work Experience
ACC263 VIT A Practicum
ART 256 Interns hip in Graphic Design
BIT 221 Web Site Development Practicum
BIT 238 Interns hip in Paralegal Studies
BIT 260 Information Technology Field Project
BIT 261 Information Technology Cooperative Work Experience
BUS261 Management Cooperative Work Experience
COM262 Mass Communication Cooperative Work Experience
CRJ261 Criminal Justice Cooperative Work Experience
ECE206 Field Experience in ECE
ECE230 Practicum in Early Childhood Education
ENT 261 Entrepreneurial Cooperative Work Experience
ENV260 Environmental Technology Inter ns hip/Cooperative Work Experience
ETU101 Reaching Tutorial Practicum
HRM262 Hospitality Cooperative Work Experience
HOR106 Horticulture Practicum
HUS206 Human Services Practicum
HUS207 Advanced Human Services Practicum
HUS206 Advanced Addictions Practicum
MIN200 Medical Interpreter Practicum
MKT 261 Marketing Cooperative Work Experience
SCI261 Cooperative Work Experience in the Natural Sciences
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Semester: Fall 20___ Spring 20___ Summer 20___
Dual Enrollment Application
Cape Cod Community College
2240 Iyannough Road, West Barnstable, MA 02668
All information is required unless otherwise stated within this application. Please print.
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Mailing Address: Preferred Name:
Student Cell Phone: ( )
City/Town State Zip Code
Secondary Phone: ( )
Gender: Female Male Cell OR Land line
Student Email Address: Date of Birth: / /
Students under 16 years of age must contact Admissions for further information
High School: Anticipated Graduation Date:
Is this your first time participating in the Dual Enrollment program? Yes No
Ethnicity (this question is optional):
The Office of Civil Rights directs us to gather, for reporting purposes only, the ethnic distribution of our students. This information is
confidential and is not individually released. Please check all that apply:
a. Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic or Latino (i.e., Cuban, South or Central American, or of other Spanish speaking culture or origin?
Yes No
b. Select one or more of the following racial groups to describe yourself:
American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian Black/African American
Cape Verdean Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander White/Caucasian
Parent/guardian educational background:
Parent/guardian #1 has a bachelor’s (or higher) degree: Yes No
Parent/guardian #2 has a bachelor’s (or higher) degree:
Yes No
Cape Cod Community College Office Use Only
Student ID#_________________ Info Session: _____________
TESTING DATE: _____________ English Math
This section is required for students interested in applying for financial assistance.
Students will not be considered for funding if left blank. Applying does not guarantee an award.
CCCC may have some limited funds from the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership and from the Cape Cod Community College Whitehouse fund that
can be used to help eligible students with the of one course. Eligible students will have financial need, be a first generation college student (neither parent
has a bachelor’s degree), and/or be a member of an underrepresented group at CCCC.
Student’s Social Security Number: - -
Household Size and Income:
Family Size: ________ Please include yourself, parents/guardians and siblings that live with you.
Total Household Income (Gross): $ $ $
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Student: If accepted into the Dual Enrollment program, I agree to adhere to all rules, regulations, and requirements.
Student: If accepted into the Dual Enrollment program, I agree to adhere to all rules, regulations, and requirements set
by Cape Cod
Community College and/or the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. I understand that CCCC reserves the
right to disclose my status as a high school student to CCCC faculty members. I hereby authorize Cape Cod Community College to
release all correspondence regarding my enrollment in the Dual Enrollment program to my high school and to forward an official
report of my grades to my high school. I understand that course-related costs including tuition, fees, and textbooks are not covered
under the Dual Enrollment Program. I verify that I have read the Dual Enrollmen
t Application and Eligibility Requirements packet,
and I understand that I must meet with an Admissions counselor to register for my classes.
Signature of Student: Date:
Parent/Guardian: I hereby grant permission for my child to apply to the Dual Enrollment Program at Cape Cod Community College.
Should my child be accepted, I grant permission for him/her to enroll in courses at the College. I understand that course-related costs
including tuition, fees, and textbooks are not covered under the Dual Enrollment Program. I understand that my student’s CCCC
academic records will be released to his/her high school for inclusion in his/her school records.
Parent/Guardian Na me (please print):
Signature: Date:
Emergency Contact: Emergency Telephone:
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Section 3 GUIDANCE Please schedule an appointment to meet with your guidance counselor and discuss your Dual
Enrollment options/requirements. This entire page must be completed by a school official.
Student’s Name: SASID:
Cumulative high school GPA*: Expected Year of Graduation:
*A high school transcript must accompany this application
*Written recommendation must accompany this application if GPA is below 2.5
Has student received a 3 or above on any AP exams?
Provide which exam and student’s score
Does student qualify for: Free Lunch OR Reduced Price Lunch
Total Number of courses student may take at CCCC this semester:
Section #
Course Name (required)
Is course eligible
for HS Credit?
To ensure appropriate course selections, students will not be registered for dual enrollment courses without school
official consent, appropriate college placement test scores (if applicable), and completion of all course pre-requisites
(if applicable).
Course offerings can be found on CampusWeb by following this link: and clicking on
“Campus Web Course Search” in the left-hand column. Contact Admissions for assistance at 774-330-4311.
Comments from Guidance:
___________________ High School agrees to give high school graduation credit for successfully completed college coursework.
(high school name)
School Official Signature: Date:
School Official Name (Print):
Phone Number: Email address:
High School Guidance Counselors may submit completed application and current high school transcript to the
Admissions Office via fax to 508-375-4089 OR mail to:Admissions Office, Cape Cod Community College, 2240
Iyannough Road, West Barnstable, MA 02668
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Last Name First Name MI
Street Address
City St Zip
SSN# or Student ID Number Date of Birth
Are you a U.S. Citizen? _Yes No If not, please complete the following:
Are you a Permanent Resident? Yes No (If yes, list Alien Registration Number) :
If you are not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, please state your Visa or Immigration status in detail:
Please check the in-state or reduced tuition eligibility category that applies to you:
I have been a Massachusetts resident for six (6) continuous month s and in ten d to remain here.
As proof of my intent to remain in Massachusetts, I possess at least two (2) of the following documents, which I shall present to the
institution upon request. These documents* are dated with in one (1) year of the start date of the academic semester for which I seek
enroll (except possibly for my high school diploma). The institution reserves the right to make any additional inquiries regarding
the applicant’s status and to require submission of any additional documentation it deems necessary. Please check off those
documents you possess as proof of your intent to remain in Massachusetts.
Valid Driver’s license Utility bills* Employment Pay Stub*
Valid car registration Voter registration * State/Federal tax returns*
Mass. High School Diploma Signed lease or rent receipt* Military home of record*
Record of parents’ residency for unemancipated person * Other
I am an eligible participant in the New England Boar d of Higher Education’s Region al Student Program.
I am a member of the Armed Forces (or spouse or unemancipated child) on active duty in Massachusetts.
Certification of Information
I certify that this information is true and accurate. I understand that any misrepresentation, omission, or incorrect information
shall be cause for disciplinary action up to dismissal, with no right of appeal or to a tuition refund.
Applicant Signature: Date:
Parent/Guardian Signature: (Applicant is under 18 years old): Date:
For Official Use Only Do not write in this box
I have reviewed the above information to determine this person’s eligibility to receive the in-state tuition rate. Based on my review, I
have determined that this individual
IS eligible for the in-state tuition rate.
IS NOT eligible for the in-state tuition rate.
I am unable to make a determination at this time. The following information has been requested from the applicant: