Dual Enrollment
We are excited to welcome high school students who desire to challenge themselves by taking
courses at Alma College. We trust that your dual enrollment experience will not only meet that
expectation, but also serve as a perfect introduction to the college classroom. In addition to the
academic rigors, students have reported their dual enrollment experiences also offered an
understanding of how to adapt to different teaching styles and environments, time
management skills, and a greater sense of the world beyond high school. For both parents and
students it can ease the transition from high school to college.
Steps to Dual Enroll at Alma College
1. Pick up the Application for Dual Enrollment at the Alma College Registrar’s Office or
from your high school guidance counselor. A new form is required for each term.
2. If it is your first time dual enrolling at Alma College, our Registrar will need to review
your official high school transcript to ensure you meet the academic requirements.
3. Read the instruction page and complete both sides of the application form. Your
parent/guardian will have to sign in two sections if you are a minor.
4. Meet with your guidance counselor to determine which class(es) to request. It is
important to ask about the financial responsibilities at that time.
5. You must seek permission from the instructor of the class(es). This can often be done by
email, but the Registrar’s office must receive a copy of the email. It is left to the
professor’s discretion if they wish to speak with you in person.
6. Return the completed form to the Registrar’s office.
Quick Points
1. Students dual enrolling for the first time may take 1 class (4 credits).
2. If you have previously dual enrolled, you may take up to 2 classes (8 credits).
3. When searching for classes on our website, be sure to select the appropriate term to
see the class offerings. Please visit: www.alma.edu/offices/registrar
4. The completed application may be submitted to the Registrar’s office by bringing it
directly to the office, emailing to registrar@alma.edu, or faxing to 989-463-7578.
5. June 1 is the application deadline for the fall term. December 1 is the application
deadline for the winter term.
Registrar’s Office - 614 W. Superior St. - Alma, MI 48801
989-463-7348 registrar@alma.edu
Alma College
Instructions for Dual Enrollment Application and Registration
(Keep this for your records)
Students and parents should review all the included instructions and forms before consulting with your high
school counselor or representative. Parent/Guardian consent is required before the application will be
processed. Please note, parent/guardian signature is required in two sections if the student is a minor.
The Registrar of Alma College determines eligibility for dual enrollment based on a minimum high school
grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. The high school must attach the student’s transcript to the application form
for assessment.
Dual enroll students will be registered for classes based on seats available, with preference given to full-time
Alma College students. Once dual enrollment registration is finalized, an email confirmation with a copy of
the form will be sent to parent/guardian, student, and sponsoring school. No high school student will be
displaced by a full-time Alma College student once registration is finalized.
Dual enroll students are considered non-degree students. Such students do not qualify for counseling,
financial aid, health, or placement services. A student fully approved to enroll in Alma College as a non-
degree student may take 4 credits in their first term and up to 8 credits with approval for subsequent terms.
A completed Dual Enrollment Application form with all necessary signatures is required for each term.
Dual enroll students are subject to the standard registration and refund regulations. To withdraw from a
course, the student must turn in a completed Drop/Add Form at the Registrar’s Office. To change from one
course to another, or to a different section of the same course, a new Dual Enrollment Application must be
submitted and approved by all parties.
If the student is eligible for tuition and fee support by their school district, the district will be billed. Any
amounts not paid by the school district or the Michigan Department of Education are the responsibility of the
student or parent/guardian if the student is a minor, and the student will be billed. A financial restriction will
be placed on the student until the balance owed is paid in full. This restriction will place a hold on the student
transcript and/or prevent registering for future classes until the balance is paid.
Once the course is completed and grades are finalized, the student’s official Alma College transcript will be
sent back to their sponsoring high school. The student will also receive one copy of their official transcript
sent by mail to their home address. Any additional transcript requests must be submitted and paid for
through our online ordering system, available on the Registrar’s webpage. A transcript cannot be released
until all balances are paid in full.
Completed Dual Enrollment Applications should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the deadline
(June 1 for fall term and December 1 for winter term). They may be hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed. After
the registration has been approved, email confirmation will be sent to the student and to the sponsoring high
school counselor or representative.
Students registered for dual enrollment are required to attend a Dual Enrollment Orientation at Alma College
to get a student ID card, parking pass, textbook information, Alma College email, and other necessary
materials. Days and times will be communicated by the Registrar’s Office or by the Admissions Office of Alma
Alma College Important Contact Numbers
Admissions: 989-463-7139 Registrar’s Office: 989-463-7348
Financial Services: 989-463-7144 Campus Safety & Security: 989-463-7777
Alma College
Application for Dual Enrollment
High school students interested in dual enrollment at Alma College should determine eligibility by consulting with their
high school counselor. Students may apply for admission under Continuing Education status by submitting this
application, along with an official high school transcript verifying a “B” average. Students will not be registered for courses
unless all sections of this form are completed. College enrollment is limited to four credits for the first term and eight credits
in subsequent terms. Contact the Alma College Registrar’s Office for further information at 989-463-7348.
Student Information
Legal Name: _____________________________________________________ Birthdate: _____________________
Home Address:_______________________________________________________________ County:_______________
House Number & Street City ZIP
Social Security Number (required): _____________________________ Gender: Male Female
Home Phone: ______________________________________ US Citizen? Yes No
Cell Phone: ________________________________________ If No, nation of citizenship: ____________________
Personal Email: ____________________________________ Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino Non-Hispanic
Is this your first time enrolling at Alma College? Race: (check all that apply)
Yes No American Indian/Alaska Native
What Term are you applying for? Asian
Fall 20_______ (Sept. - Dec.) Black/African-American
Winter 20_______ (Jan. - Apr.) Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Spring 20_______ (Apr. - May) White
What college do you plan to attend after high school? ___________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact: _________________________________ Relationship: _______________________________
Contact Primary Phone: ______________________________ Alternative Phone: ___________________________
Parent/Guardian/Financial Guarantor Information
Parent/Guardian Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Address: (if different from student): _____________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Email(s): _________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Phone: ______________________________ Alternative Phone: ____________________________
Sponsoring High School Information
High School: _____________________________________________ City: __________________________________
Public High School/Alternative School Home Schooled
Nonpublic School Technical School/Career Center
H.S. Counselor/Staff Name (print): _______________________ Email: ______________________________________
H.S. Principal Name (print): _________________________________________________________________________
Student’s Expected Graduation Date: _________________ Cum. GPA at time of application: ________________
Alma College Application for Dual Enrollment
Course(s) Requested:
Course Number w/Section & Title: ________________________________________________________________________________
Instructor Signature _______________________________________________________________
Course Tuition $_____________ Course Fee(s) $___________ Course Meeting Days__________ Meeting Times______________
Subject to Change Subject to Change
Course Number w/Section & Title: ________________________________________________________________________________
Instructor Signature _______________________________________________________________
Course Tuition $_____________ Course Fee(s) $___________ Course Meeting Days__________ Meeting Times______________
Subject to Change Subject to Change
Billing Information (must be completed by the Sponsoring High School)
Billing Option A. Student may register for class(es) of his/her choice, district will pay tuition and fees not to exceed
$ _________________. Billing should be directed to:
______________________________________________________________ __________________________
School District Phone
___________________________________________ ______________________________ _______________
Billing Address City Zip
_____________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________
Principal Name School Official Responsible for Billing Date
Billing Option B. Student may register for class(es) of his/her choice, tuition and fees are the student’s
High School Authorization (please read and sign below)
Signature of School Principal is necessary even if the school district is not paying. Signature indicates that a designated school
district representative has determined the student is eligible for dual enrollment, and has discussed and completed the Dual
Enrollment Application form with the student, and the school district grants approval. Nonpublic school administrators will also
need to discuss with the student the tuition and fee responsibility for courses not covered by the Michigan Department of
Education (MDE). The student will be held accountable for tuition and fee costs if the school district or MDE rejects the student’s
billing request. Home-schooled parents should sign here.
**Principal Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:_____________________
Parent/Guardian Financial Guarantor Authorization (please read and sign below)
The student - or parent if the student is a minor - assumes full responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees that are not paid
by the school district or the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). If the student is enrolled in classes that are not approved
by and paid for by the school district or MDE, the student/parent shall be responsible for the payment of 100% of all tuition and
fees. In the event the bill is unpaid and it is sent to a collection agency, student - or parent if student is a minor agrees to
reimburse Alma College the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 50% of the
debt and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts.
**Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________________ Date:____________________
Applicant Verification (please read and sign below)
I certify that I answered all questions on this application truthfully, and that I have read and understand the information. I will take
responsibility to understand and comply with Alma College policies and procedures. I also understand that incorrect or
incomplete information by me may result in delay, denial, or withdrawal of admission, financial assistance and continued
attendance. I have read and understand the requirements and responsibilities stated on the Alma College Dual Enrollment
Admissions and Registration Instructions page in this application packet. Student signature, or parent/guardian if student is
a minor, authorizes communication between parent/guardian, Alma College, and release of a transcript to the student
and sponsoring high school upon completion of the course.
**Student Applicant Signature:__________________________________________ Date:_____________________
**Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________________ Date:_____________________
Alma College Registrar Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:______________________
*The use of this information will comply with all government regulations prohibiting violation of privacy rights.
Office Use Only Processed by________________________ Date__________________________ AC ID_______________________________
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