Dear Student:
We at Western Texas College are excited about your interest in the dual credit program.
This program offers some great opportunities to you and some significant financial
savings. Through the dual credit program you can earn both high school and college
credit simultaneously. There are two tracks you can follow to receive Dual Credit. First,
there is the Academic Core track which is oriented towards students whose goal is a
Bachelor’s degree. The second track for Dual Credit is the Career and Technical track
which is designed for students who want to complete a certificate or Associate of
Applied Science degree in two years or less and go directly to the work force.
While you may be taking some dual credit classes at your high school, it is important for
you to make a mental distinction between college requirements and high school
requirements. College instructors expect you to spend a considerable amount of time
outside of the classroom to complete class assignments, research, and study. Your
instructor will explain concepts and methods, but you must invest the time needed to
develop an understanding and command of the topics covered in class.
Western Texas College has a number of resources and services to benefit you. The list
of services available to you can be found on our website at Please feel
free to contact Alicia Anderson, Director of Dual Credit & Distance Learning, at or 325-574-7630 should you have any questions concerning
the dual credit program. Thank you for your interest in our college, and we look forward
to working with you.
Alicia Anderson
Director of Dual Credit & Distance Learning
Dual Credit/Early Admissions
Returning Dual Credit Students: Begin with Step 3.
1. Visit with your high school counselor about eligibility and course selection.
2. Submit a Dual Credit Admissions Application w/ FERPA (pdf format).
3. Submit a current high school transcript each year (through HS counselor).
4. Submit any English II or Algebra I EOC, PLAN, PSAT, ACT/SAT (if taken), or TSI
Assessment scores.
5. Submit a Course Registration Form (pdf format).
All submissions can be emailed to
Western Texas College gives equal consideration to all applicants for admission without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender,
age, marital status, or disability.
Updated: 6/15/20
Dual Credit/Early Admission Application
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549
Instructions: Please complete this form in blue or black ink. Be sure to answer each question. All documents submitted to the
college become part of your official file and cannot be returned. I acknowledge that academic or disciplinary concerns may
be discussed by the appropriate official and my parents or legal guardian.
Social Security Number: _________ - ________ - _________
Name: _____________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____ / _____ / _____ Gender: _____
(Please Print: First, Middle, Last)
Mailing Address: ________________________________________ City: _________________ State: _____ Zip: ___________
County: ______________________ Home Phone: __________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________
High School: _________________________________________ Grade Level: ________ Entry Term: ____________________
Ethnic Data (These items are used to satisfy State/Federal reporting requirements and in no way affect the admission decision).
Asian □ Black/African American □ Latin/Hispanic □ White
□ American Indian/Alaskan Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander □ International/Non-Resident
1. If either parent has attended college, what is their highest level of education?
___1 Year ___2 Years ___3 Years ___Completed Bachelor's or Above Degree
2. Please check all that apply: (This is used to satisfy State/Federal reporting requirements).
Academic Disadvantage Economic Disadvantage Disable Primary Language is English
Single Parent and/or Single Pregnant Woman Homeless in Foster Care Active Military Parent(s)
3. Anticipated high school graduation date: ____________ (month) _____________ (year)
4. Have you taken college classes from a previous institution? Yes No If yes, please list previous college or university.
5. What major field of study are you planning to pursue? ____________________________________________________________
Degree: Associate of Arts Associate of Applied Science Certificate Undecided
Parent/Student consent for the release of information and participation in the Dual Credit program for the duration of the
student’s high school career.
I, ________________________________________ and ___________________________________, understand;
(Print: Parent/Legal Guardian Name) (Print: Student Name)
The law requires you to provide your correct
U.S. Social Security Number so WTC can
furnish certain tax return information to the IRS and to you.
Updated: 6/15/2020
This form is valid for the duration of the student’s participation in the Dual Credit Program.
Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the drop date deadlines for withdrawal on the Western Texas College
academic calendar.
Submitting this consent form does not guarantee eligibility or enrollment into the program or selected courses. Eligibility and
enrollment into the Dual Credit program and courses is dependent on a complete application packet submitted by the deadline
and qualifying test scores for each course selected, as determined by Western Texas College and the high school.
Grades earned in dual credit become part of the student’s permanent academic record and will be reflected on the college
Students may be enrolled in dual credit courses approved by the high school.
Students must attend their Dual Credit class regularly and turn in all required assignments. Students may be withdrawn for lack
of attendance and/or lack of progress. This attendance policy pertains to all students enrolled in any section of a dual credit
course on any campus with the exception of homebound students. If for any reason the student is not attending the Dual Credit
class at the high school regularly, he/she will be withdrawn from the class (includes students sent to alternative school and
homebound students). Students underperforming are encouraged to drop the course before the drop date.
Students who choose to take regular college courses outside the dual credit program requirements will be admitted as Early
Enrollment and responsible to meet all admission requirements for the program as well as pay full tuition and fees based off
residency status for all courses.
Student Acknowledgement
I, the student above, read and agree to all the standards and policies outlined in the Dual Credit Handbook and the WTC
Student Handbook.
Student Signature ____________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement
I, as a parent/guardian for the student mentioned above, state that I read and agree to all of the standards and policies
outlined in the Dual Credit Handbook and WTC Student Handbook. This may be found at I give
permission for my child to participate in the Dual Credit/Early Admission Program at Western Texas College.
Parent or Legal Guardian Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________
High School Designee
High School Principal/ Counselor Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________
State law gives you the right to request, receive, and correct information about yourself collected on this form. Western Texas
College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, genetic identity, sexual orientation,
veteran status, age, or disability with respect to access, employment programs or services.
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Updated: 6/15/2020
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal
law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive
funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. Western Texas College cannot,
except in certain limited situations, release grades or other personally identifiable information to any
person, other than the student, without a written release from the student.
Student Name: __________________________________________________
(Please print name)
Please check the information you want released.
____ all college records
____ only the following records:____________________________________
Please check for release of information to:
____ Parent(s)/ Guardian(s): _______________________________________
(Please print name)
____ High School: ________________________________________________
Student Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _________________
I understand by signing this authorization, I am voluntarily waiving my rights of non-disclosure of my educational
records listed above under the federal law only as to the person(s) or organization specifically listed. This release
does not permit the disclosure of these records to any other person(s) or entities without my written consent. I
understand that I am not required to release my education records to anyone and that this release remains in effect
until I request in writing the revocation of this consent. I also acknowledge that I have received information regarding
FERPA and I understand the information presented. If I have further questions, I will contact the Dual Credit
department for assistance.
Updated 6/15/2020
Name: _____________________________________________________________ Term: _________________________
Social Security Number: __________ - ________ - _________ WTC ID# ________________________________________
Mailing Address_____________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________ Phone Number: _______________________________ Grade Level: __________
E-Mail:______________________________________________________ High School____________________________
Test Taken:
TSI Exempt:
Math □ Reading Writing
Dual Credit Enrollment Recommendations
Before enrolling in dual credit courses, students should read and understand the course description(s) located in the WTC
Course Catalog:
Rd at the end of a course means the course is Reading Intensive.
Wtg at the end of a course means the course is Writing Intensive.
Mth at the end of a course means the course is Math Intensive.
Students should ask about course delivery. Courses are offered online, face to face, or hybrid (combination of face to face and
WTC does not recommend first time dual credit students take more than 6 hrs their first semester.
WTC does not recommend dual credit students, with a GPA below 2.0, take more than 6 hrs.
WTC does not recommend dual credit students, with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5, take more than 9 hrs.
WTC does not recommend dual credit students, with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.25, take more than 12 hrs.
Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for other enrollment policies as well as scholastic probation/suspension policies.
Student Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ______ / ______ / ______
Western Texas College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability with respect to access, employment, programs or services.
Inquiries or complaints concerning these matters should be brought to the attention of the EEO representative. Director of Human Resources, EEO Official/Title IX Coordinator, Human
Resources Department, 6200 College Avenue, Snyder, TX 79549, 325-573-8511.
*Total Semester Hours
Approved Tuition Waiver
Scurry County Residents only
What is the criterion used to determine the tuition waiver? (Example: Qualifies for free lunch program)
Principal’s Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______ / ______ / ______
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According to the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), an undergraduate student, unless otherwise exempt, who
enters a public institution of higher education in Texas will be tested for reading, writing, and mathematics skills
prior to enrolling in any college-level academic coursework.
Below are the most current TSI exemptions based on standardized testing which are subject to change:
STAAR Algebra I English II
EOC 4000 + ‘C’ or better in Algebra II - HS4 4000
**For information about scheduling a TSI test at WTC, call 325-574-7632.
Unless your school is paying for classes, students
can pay in person at the WTC Business Office,
Building 20 or online through their MyWTC
account, or call 325-574-7610.
To purchase textbooks (if needed). Contact the
WTC bookstore at 325-574-7601 or online at
Parking permits are issued at the Administration
Building (Palmer Hall Bldg. 20) during regular
business hours. Students parking on the WTC
campus must have a valid parking permit. In order
to get a parking permit, students must provide a
tuition receipt, driver’s license, and their license
plate number.
Students must have a student ID to use college
facilities and to gain admission into college events.
ID’s are issued in the Security office in building 15.
This is only necessary for students attending
class(es) on the WTC campus.
MyWTC & Email Access:
MOODLE is the name of our course management
system. This is where instructors post
assignments, grades, and put information for each
course. Students may access MOODLE online at Access to MOODLE is
obtained, after the student is registered, by using
their MyWTC log in information.
Students will be assigned a WTC username, which
is the student’s first and last name separated with a
period (i.e.: jane.doe), and a password which is the
student’s WTC ID (nine-digit number). This
username and password gives the student access
to their MyWTC account, WTC email account, and
MOODLE access. Students may access MyWTC at
Located at Western Texas College in Bldg. 2 LRC
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 5, Friday 8 4
Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday 7 5
Alicia Anderson Nellie Leatherwood
Director of Dual Credit Dual Credit Clerk
325-574-7630 325-574-7632
888-468-6982, ext 7632