Sample Patient
Agreement Forms
is resource includes two sample patient agreement forms that can
be used with patients who are beginning long-term treatment with
opioid analgesics or other controlled substances. ese documents
contain statements to help ensure patients understand their role and
responsibilities regarding their treatment (e.g., how to obtain rells,
conditions of medication use), the conditions under which their treatment
may be terminated, and the responsibilities of the health care provider.
ese documents can help facilitate communication between patients and
healthcare providers and resolve any questions or concerns before initiation
of long-term treatment with a controlled substance.
Pain Treatment with Opioid Medications: Patient Agreement*
I, , understand and voluntarily agree that
(initial each statement after reviewing):
I will keep (and be on time for) all my scheduled appointments with the doctor and other
members of the treatment team.
I will participate in all other types of treatment that I am asked to participate in.
I will keep the medicine safe, secure and out of the reach of children. If the medicine is
lost or stolen, I understand it will not be replaced until my next appointment, and may not be
replaced at all.
I will take my medication as instructed and not change the way I take it without first
talking to the doctor or other member of the treatment team.
I will not call between appointments, or at night or on the weekends looking for refills. I
understand that prescription
s will be filled only during scheduled office visits with the treatment
I will make sure I have an appointment for refills. If I am having trouble making an
appointment, I will tell a m
ember of the treatment team immediately.
I will treat the staff at the off
ice respectfully at all times. I understand that if I am
disrespectful to staff or disrupt the care of other patients my treatment will be stopped.
I will not sell this
medicine or share it with others. I understand that if I do, my treatment
will be stopped.
I will sign a release form to let the doctor speak to all other doctors or providers that I
I will tell the doctor all other medicines that I take, and let him/her know right away if I
have a prescription for a new medicine.
I will use only one pharmacy to get all on my medicines:
Pharmacy name/phone#
I will not get any opioid pain medicines or other medicines that can be addictive such as
benzodiazepines (klonopin, xanax, valium) or stimulants (ritalin, amphetamine) without telling a
member of the treatment team before I fill that prescription. I understand that the only exception
to this is if I need pain medicine for an emergency at night or on the weekends.
*Adapted from the American Academy of Pain Medicine
I will not use illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or amphetamines. I
understand that if I do, my treatment may be stopped.
I will come in for drug testing and counting of my pills within 24 hours of being called. I
understand that I must make sure the office has current contact information in order to reach me, and
that any missed tests will be considered positive for drugs.
I will keep up to date with any bills from the office and tell the doctor or member of the
treatment team immediately if I lose my insurance or can't pay for treatment anymore.
I understand that I may lose my right to treatment in this office if I break any part of this
Pain Treatment Program Statement
We here at are making a commitment to work with you in your efforts to
get better. To help you in this work, we agree that:
We will help you schedule regular appointments for medicine refills. If we have to cancel or
change your appointment for any reason, we will make sure you have enough medication to last
until your next appointment.
We will make sure that this treatment is as safe as possible. We will check regularly to make
sure you are not having bad side effects.
We will keep track of your prescriptions and test for drug use regularly to help you feel like you are
being monitored well.
We will help connect you with other forms of treatment to help you with your condition. We
will help set treatment goals and monitor your progress in achieving those goals.
We will work with any other doctors or providers you are seeing so that they can treat you safely and
We will work with your medical insurance providers to make sure you do not go without medicine
because of paperwork or other things they may ask for.
If you become addicted to these medications, we will help you get treatment and get off of the
medications that are causing you problems safely, without getting sick.
Patient signature Patient name printed Date
Provider signature Provider name printed Date
*Adapted from the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Patient Agreement Form
Patient Name:
Medical Record Number: Addressograph Stamp
The use of (print names
of medication(s)) may cause addiction and is only one part of the treatment
for: (print name of conditione.g., pain, anxiety, etc.).
The goals of this medicine are:
to improve my ability to work and function at home.
to help my (print name of condition—e.g., pain, anxiety, etc.)
as much as po
ssible without causing dangerous side effects.
I have been
told that:
1. If I drink alcohol or use street drugs, I may not be able to think clearly and I could
become sleepy and risk personal injury.
2. I may get addicted to this medicine.
3. If I or anyone in my family has a history of drug or alcohol problems, there is a higher
chance of addiction.
4. If I need to stop this medicine, I must do it slowly or I may get very sick.
I agree to
the following:
I am responsible for my medicines. I will not share, sell, or trade my medicine. I will
not take anyone else’s medicine.
I will not increase
my medicine until I speak with my doctor or nurse.
My medicine may not
be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or used up sooner than prescribed.
I will keep all
appointments set up by my doctor (e.g., primary care, physical therapy, mental
health, substance abuse treatment, pain management)
I will bring the pill bott
les with any remaining pills of this medicine to each clinic visit.
I agree to give a blood or
urine sample, if asked, to test for drug use.
Refills will be made only during regular office hoursMonday through Friday, 8:00AM-4:30 PM.
No refills on nights, holidays, or weekends. I must call at least three (3) working days ahead
(M-F) to ask for a refill of my medicine. No exceptions will be made. I will not come to
Primary Care for my refill until I am called by the nurse.
I must keep track of my medications. No early or emergency refills may be made.
I will only use one pharmacy to get my medicine. My doctor may talk with the pharmacist about
my medicines.
The name of my pharmacy is .
Prescriptions from Other Doctors
If I see an
other doctor who gives me a controlled substance medicine (for example, a
dentist, a doctor from the Emergency Room or another hospital, etc.) I must bring this
medicine to Primary Care in the original bottle, even if there are no pills left.
hile I am taking this medicine, my doctor may need to contact other doctors or family
members to get information about my care and/or use of this medicine. I will be asked to
sign a release at that time.
ion of Agreement
If I break any of the rules, or if my doctor decides that this medicine is hurting me more than
helping me, this medicine may be stopped by my doctor in a safe way.
I have talked about this agreement with my doctor and I understand the above rules.
Provider Responsibilities
As your doctor, I agree to perform regular checks to see how well the medicine is working.
I agree to provide primary care for you even if you are no longer getting controlled medicines
from me.
Patient’s signature Date
Resident Physician’s signature
Attending Physician’s signature
This document has been discussed with and signed by the physician and patient. (A signed
copy stamped with patient’s card should be sent to the medical records department and a
copy given to the patient.)