Catalogue No. 45072064 Form No. 1843 (02/2020)
Driving record application for
disqualification removal order
Road Transport Act 2013
Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
This question is optional. Do not tick either box if you do not wish to answer it.
Answering this question is voluntary. TfNSW may use this information to develop driver licensing and
vehicle registration services for Aboriginal people. TfNSW will not disclose this information without
your consent unless authorised by law.
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DECLARATION (please print)
I, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other
of (address)
hereby apply for the free issue of an up-to-date copy of my driving record. By submitting and signing this form, I declare that I am
seeking a copy of my traffic record in connection with the making of an application for the removal of disqualification periods or
obtaining legal advice on my eligibility to make such an application. I understand that if records reveal I am not currently a
driver, I will not be issued with a copy of my traffic record.
Signature of Applicant: Date:
Given name(s)
Residential address
Daytime contact number Mobile phone number
Date of birth
Day Month Year
/ /
Postal address (if different to residential address)
Email address
Driver licence or customer number (if known)
I would like to receive my driving record via email to
mailed to
Note: If your records show a different address to the details supplied, TfNSW will update the address from the information supplied under
customer details.
To determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a disqualification removal order to the Local Court you
firstly must obtain a copy of your driving record, which can be provided to you free of charge by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).
To do this you will need to complete this form and provide proof of identity documents that must be certified by a relevant
witness (please refer to the identity and relevant witness information overleaf).
Your completed form can then be emailed to DisqualificationRemovalOrders@rms.nsw.gov.au
or posted to Transport for NSW
at Disqualification Removal Orders, Locked Bag 14, Grafton NSW 2460.
Once TfNSW receives your completed form it will undertake a review of your driving record to see whether you appear to meet
the eligibility requirements. Information about the eligibility requirements are set out in the enclosed leaflet and can also be
found online at www.rms.nsw.gov.au/disqualification
TfNSW will then send you a copy of your driving record with a covering letter to your preferred return email or postal address.
The covering letter will state whether or not your driving record appears to show you meet the eligibility requirements. Both your
driving record and the covering letter from TfNSW must be submitted by you to the Local Court as part of your disqualification
removal order application.
Further information about how to make your application to the Local Court and what the Court will consider in determining
whether to remove the driving disqualification can be found online at www.rms.nsw.gov.au/disqualification
Should your disqualification removal order application to the Local Court be rejected, you may not make another application for
12 months. Please also note you will not be provided with your driving record if you are not currently disqualified.
For further information about obtaining a copy of your driving record please contact (02) 6640 2821.
Catalogue No. 45072064 Form No. 1843 (02/2020)
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The witness must be one of the following:
Barrister or Solicitor of the Supreme Court; Clerk of the local Court; Member of Parliament; Legally qualified Medical Practitioner; Alderperson or
Councillor of any municipality; Town Clerk or Shire Secretary; Postal Manager; Manager or Accountant of any bank or building society; Justice of the
Peace; Public Servant of at least five years permanent service; Minister of Religion; School Teacher; Member of the Police Force.
You must sight the applicant's original documents, photocopies are not acceptable. Then you must certify a photocopy of these original documents
for inclusion with this application.
Please tick the appropriate boxes below to show the documents you have sighted.
List 1
An Australian full birth certificate showing parental details, issued by
an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM
commemorative certificates are not acceptable).
An overseas birth certificate showing parental details provided a
passport or an official Australian travel document is also shown.
A current Australian or overseas passport (an expired Australian
passport is also acceptable but only within the last two years).
A Department of Immigration and Citizenship or the Department of
Immigration and Border Protection issued document from the
following list:
· Australian naturalisation or citizenship document
· a Visa Evidence Card
· a Document for Travel to Australia (up to 5 years from the date
of issue on the accompanying visa)
· Evidence of Immigration Status (EIS) ImmiCard (current or expired)
· Permanent Residence Evidence (PRE) ImmiCard
· Residence determination (RDI) ImmiCard
A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued document from
the following list:
· a current consular photo identity card
· a current Certificate of Identity
· a current Document of Identity
· a current Titre de Voyage
A current NSW photo identity card or one that expired in the last
two years
Provide a document/card number for the list 1 item ticked above
List 2
A current Medicare card, Pensioner Concession Card, Department
of Veterans' Affairs entitlement card or any other current
entitlement card issued by the Commonwealth Government.
Change of name documents
(original documents MUST be sighted, copied and certified)
a marriage certificate (issued by the BDM if married in NSW)
a divorce document bearing the name being reverted to
a full birth certificate showing the name at birth and the new name
a change of name certificate issued by the BDM
a deed poll registered with the relevant authority
a completed instrument evidencing Change of Name form that has
been registered in the Land Titles Office.
A Transport for NSW issued NSW photo driver licence or NSW
Photo Card that has been expired more than 2 years but less than 5
years. The licence must display a card number and not have been
revoked or be reported as lost, stolen or destroyed.
A current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit, with or without a
A current Transport for NSW issued NSW photo Firearm, Security
Industry or Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents
operator licence.
A current photo identity card for the Australian Defence Force,
excluding civilian staff or family.
A current bank, building society, credit union, American Express or
Diners Club International - passbook, account statement (up to
one year old showing your name, residential or mailing address
and account number on institution letterhead or stamp), plastic
credit card or account card (showing in full your family name, first
given name and signature.
A utilites bill - telephone (landline only), gas, electricity, water/
council rates or land valuation notice up to one year old.
An Australian secondary school, TAFE or university issued student
identity card (current and displaying the name/photograph, when
the card has no expiry date, it may be accepted up to two years
from the date of issue) or evidence of course enrolment on the
institution's letterhead up to one year old (must have student's
name and address).
If there has been a change of name you must also sight an original document from the change of name document list on this page and then
certify a photocopy of the original change of name document.
Sight, photocopy and certify two documents, one from List 1 and one from List 2. The name must be the same on both documents.
Ask the applicant to sign in the ‘Declaration’ on the front of this application.
Complete the witness declaration on this page (including official stamp if available).
Proof of Identity documents (original documents MUST be sighted, copied and certified)
I have sighted the supporting document/s as marked. I have witnessed the applicant signing the declaration on the front of this form. I am convinced
of their identity.
Personal Information Collection Notice: our Privacy Statement explains why we are collecting your Personal Information and how we will use and
manage it in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998, and, where relevant, the Health Records and Information Privacy Act
2002. You can obtain a copy of our Privacy Statement at www.transport.nsw.gov.au/privacy-statement or call us on 13 22 13 to request a copy.
Name of witness (PRINT CLEARLY)
Signature of witness
Applicant’s name
Rank/position of witness
Witness telephone number
Witness email address
Day Month Year
/ /
Official stamp of witness (if available) or JP registration
A certificate of Aboriginality signed by a Chairperson or Secretary of
an Aboriginal organisation such as the local land council, which
details name, address and date of birth.