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Please complete all fields clearly. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be processed.
Driver Information & Address
Surname Given Name Student # / Personnel #
Resident House Address Cellular Telephone
Home Address (Outside University) City Province
University Email
Registered Vehicle’s Owner Information *Rideshare & Carpool not available*
License Plate
Vehicle #1
Vehicle #2
Permit Selection Please indicate preference choice below (1 4)
Permits will be assigned by the Parking & Transportation Office based on resident house location and lot availability
Resident permits are valid only in the lot for which they are assigned/specified; you cannot park in any other lot
Annual Permits (Valid: September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021)
Resident P5
Any resident
$ 979.88*
Resident P6 (Lottery)
Schreiberwood residents (families with young children given priority)
*Limited Availability (Assigned via Lottery)
Applicants living in other areas will be considered via lottery if space remains
$ 979.88*
Resident P7 (Lottery)
Schreiberwood residents only (families with young children given priority)
*Limited Availability (Assigned via Lottery
$ 979.88*
Resident P10 (Lottery)
MaGrath Valley residents *Limited Availability (Assigned via Lottery)
$ 979.88*
Children residing on campus? ( ) No ( ) Yes # _____ 12 years and younger # _____ 13-18 years old
Terms of Agreement
By signing this form I certify that the information stated above is correct and I agree to comply with the University of Toronto
Mississauga Parking & Transportation Services’ Regulations for 2020/2021. I understand that the permit must be clearly displayed
at all times when on University property and that lost or stolen permits will not be replaced regardless of the circumstance.
Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Tax exempt for resident students *(HST will be added for resident staff/faculty permits $1107.26)
20202021 RESIDENT
Parking Application
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Third Party Authorization
In order for a third party (such as a parent, guardian, partner, sibling, friend) to conduct business with
the university on your behalf (such as paying for your parking permit, submitting parking documents,
etc.), the third party requires a letter of authorization from the applicant. *Permits will only be released
to the registered permit holder. A third party cannot collect another persons permit.
This letter must include the date, applicant’s signature with specific instructions detailing what the
third party can do. No faxes or photocopies will be accepted. Please refer to the Parking website for
template and additional information. (
Terms of Agreement
The permit must always be displayed on the driver's side dashboard/windshield of the car being
parked. There will be NO exceptions made for cases in which the permit has been forgotten or left
in another vehicle. If the permit is not displayed, the driver of the vehicle must purchase a day pass
from a Pay & Display machine.
Failure to display a permit or day pass may result in the issuance of a City of Mississauga Parking
Penalty Notice (parking ticket) under the Administrative Penalty System.
The primary permit holder is ultimately responsible for the permit. Only the primary permit holder
is authorized to make any changes to the permit or request a cancellation. (Rideshare
partners are not considered to be the permit holder)
Parking privileges may be revoked if the permit is used improperly.
Lost or stolen parking permits will not be replaced regardless of the circumstance
Additional Vehicle(s) (If any)
License Plate
Vehicle #3
Vehicle #4
Vehicle #5
Vehicle #6
(905) 828-5254 / /
Office Location: Parking & Transportation Services, Alumni House 108
3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON, L5L 1C6