Dr. James Hirsh
Student Involvement Scholarship
Criteria for receiving the scholarship:
Student must have been or are currently involved with at least one Recognized
Student Organization at Emporia State University.
Student must be an undergraduate attending Emporia State University during the
2020-2021 academic year. This $500.00 scholarship will be applied to the 2020-
2021 academic year. One (1) scholarship is awarded per academic year.
Submit an essay (no length requirement) demonstrating your commitment to
Inclusivity, Civic Engagement and Scholar of Learning.
First Name: ________________________________ Last Name: __________________________________
E-Number: ______________________ Email Address: _________________________________________
Local Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone Number: ________________________ Home Phone Number: ______________________
Year in School: ___________________ Expected Graduation Date: ____________________________
Major: ______________________________________ Minor: _______________________________________
Name of person providing recommendation letter #1:____________________________________
Name of person providing recommendation letter #2:____________________________________
Recommendation letters: References have the option to write one letter of
recommendation for each scholarship or to apply a single letter of recommendation to
multiple scholars for the same applicant.
Please provide your answers to the following questions.
1. Please list all student organization and activities you have been involved in at
Emporia State University, including leadership positions.
2. Why do you feel it is important for you to be involved in activities and
3. Describe your personal leadership philosophy.
4. How has being involved on campus better prepared you for your future?
5. How have you demonstrated individual initiative, creativity, responsibility,
cooperation, citizenship and leadership through your involvement in the above
listed programs and/or services?
6. How have you positively influenced fellow students and contributed to the
University community?