Dr. Fritz J. Erickson, President
Event Request Form
Please complete this form if you are requesting that the president speak at or attend an event. The Office
of the President tries to accommodate most requests that support the mission of the university and
appreciates your understanding when scheduling conflicts prohibit his participation.
Requests must be received thirty days in advance of the event.
NOTE: Times requested for the president's participation should be as accurate as possible, as the president
often has multiple events in one day. If the event schedule changes after submitting this request, the
requestor should contact Terri Williams at (906) 227-2242 as soon as possible. Please contact us with
any other necessary updates or changes prior to event.
School/Department/Organization Name:
Contact Name: Phone: Email:
Is the requesting group a school or organization affiliated with NMU?
YesPlease note the leadership within your group approving this request (e.g. advisor’s name):
NoIf no, why do wish the NMU President to speak at this event?
Name of event:
Date of event:
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Time commitment of the President’s participation at event:
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Miscellaneous information:
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Office of the President
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855-5301
906-227-2242 • FAX: 906-227-2249
SPEAKER REQUEST (complete this section only if request is for the President to speak at event)
Type of remarks requested:
Welcoming remarks (3-5 minutes)
Short remarks (6-10 minutes)
Full speech (11-20 minutes)
Major address (21+ minutes)
Additional time for Q&A
Suggested main points (Is there a particular topic that should be addressed? Does the group have any special
causes or concerns to be addressed?):
Audience for event (check all that apply):
Elected officials
Group members only
List dignitaries and other special guests:
Is an introduction of the President required? (Details):
Will the President be expected to introduce anyone? If yes, whom? (Please submit bio and phonetic
pronunciations of names and names of key people):
Are a podium and microphone available?
Is there PowerPoint capability?
Are press/media expected to attend?
Is the event open to the public?
Additional comments:
If the President’s name is noted on invitation or material for an event, those pieces must be submitted to the
Office of the President for review and approval prior to printing.
Event Background
All background info for President’s remarks due 7 business days prior to event
Biographical information (if applicable) due 5 business days prior to event
Order of program due 5 business days prior to event
List of attendees due 2 business days prior to event
Table seating (if applicable) due 2 business days prior to event
I have read and understand the procedures listed above and agree to abide by them.
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