To host a public event on City-owned property, the event sponsor or representative must complete and submit this application
and all necessary fees with supporting documentation at least 7 days in advance of any block party and at least 30 days in
advance of an event utilizing City-owned property.
The City reserves the right to reject any incomplete application. Final approval of all applications rests within the
authority of the Director of Public Safety who may approve or deny any application at his/her discretion.
Please submit the following with this application:
Payment of event fee (see fee schedule).
Site plan or map for the event.
With the exception of block parties, all applications must include a certificate of liability insurance with coverage of
$1,000,000.00 which includes the City of Canton as an additional insured.
Flyers and/or printed information on this event (if available).
A letter addressing any other information or questions you may have that are not covered by this form.
Please direct your insurance agent to mail or fax a copy of the insurance certificate to the address listed below:
City of Canton Mayor’s Office
218 Cleveland Ave SW
Canton, Ohio 44702
Phone: (330) 438-4307 Fax: (330) 489-3282
NOTE: Please include the event name on the certificate of liability insurance.
Complete this application at least 30 days in advance to hold an event in a City park.
Final approval of all applications rests within the authority of the Canton Parks Commission.
Mail application, certificate of insurance, and a copy of 501 (c) 3 (if applicable) to:
Canton Park Commission
1414 Market Ave
Canton, Ohio 44714
Phone: (330) 456-4521 Fax: (330) 454-5884
Kresge Lot/Market Square (Green space on Market Ave Between 3
and 4
St N)
$100.00 (Daily)
Market Square Stage
No charge
Courthouse Plaza (Courtyard behind the Stark County Courthouse)
$100.00 (Daily)
Central Plaza North (Median in the 100 Block of Market Ave N)
$100.00 (Daily)
Central Plaza South (Median in the 100 Block of Market Ave S)
$100.00 (Daily)
$50 Per Hour Regular / $58 Per Hour Holiday Pay
Minimum of 4 hours for all Fire/EMT services
$50 Per Hour Regular / $58 Per Hour Holiday Pay
$20 Per Hour / Per Police Cruiser
Minimum of 4 hours for police services
The number of firefighters, EMTs, or police officers required at the event will be determined by each department upon the
receipt of an event request. Based on the scope of the event and available manpower, cost of these services will be totaled and
an invoice will be sent to the applicant. Cancellation of these services must take place at least 48 hours prior to the start time of
any event to receive full reimbursement.
Please make checks payable to:
City of Canton
218 Cleveland Ave SW
Canton, Ohio 44702
Name of Event:
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Time:
am/pm End Time:
Is this a recurring event? Yes No
If yes, please list all dates.
Sponsoring Organization:
Address: Phone:
Person(s) in Charge of Event:
E-mail: Phone:
Estimated number of participants/attendees:
Reservation of City Space ($100.00 Rental Fee – Please Check all Requested Spaces):
Kresge Lot /
Market Square
Market Square
Stage (No Charge)
Central Plaza
Central Plaza
Note: Reservation of Market Square is not required for reservation of the stage and vice versa. Applicant can
reserve both Market Square and the Market Square Stage. Please note that if a separate event is being held at
the Market Square Lot or Market Square Stage during the requested time, the application will be denied.
Will you require Public Safety Forces? (Fire/EMT/Police) Yes No
Note: Some applicants may be required to utilize Fire/EMT or Police forces, to be determined by the Safety
Director. Charges apply.
Will the event require electricity? Yes No
Note: Electricity is not readily available to the stage. A generator may be available to rent from an outside
source. Please call The Canton Brewing Company at (330) 437-1182 to check for availability and pricing. Also
note that the City does not provide lighting to the stage and it is recommended that the applicant bring lighting
to events that occur after dark.
Reservation of a City of Canton Park:
Are you planning to use a City of Canton Park? Yes No
If yes, which location?
Please specify what area of the park you wish to use:
Road Closures and Block Party Requests (Please provide map if necessary):
Street Closed:
City Utility Services: (Please check all items that may be necessary for event. The City reserves the right to
require applicants to utilize City Services.)
Electricity Details:
Water Details:
Barricades Details:
Trash Cans Details:
Parking Details:
Additional Information:
Please note that the City does not provide dumpsters, site clean-up services, portable toilets, first aid stations
or supplies, tents, tables, or sound amplification equipment. If needed, arrangements for these items must be
made by the requestor through alternative means.
Are you planning a protest or picket? Yes No
Will you have vendors, merchants, or exhibitors? Yes No
If you plan to sell goods, cook over an open flame, and/or serve food, you may need permits or inspections
from any of the following entities:
Stark County Auditor (Vendor’s License)
City of Canton License Department
City of Canton Health Department
City of Canton Fire Department
(330) 451-7357
(330) 438-4480
(330) 489-3231
(330) 489-3411
Are you planning to sell or service alcohol? Yes No
If you plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, you must first make application (at least four weeks in advance
to the Ohio State Division of Liquor Control – (330) 644-2360
Are you planning a firework display? Yes No
If you are planning a fireworks display, you must first contact the Canton Fire Department at (330) 489-3411.
They will assist you with the requirements for fireworks licensing.
Are you planning carnival rides? Yes No
If carnival rides are to be used, a permit must be obtained. Please contact the City License Department at
(330) 438-4480.
Are you planning to use sound amplification equipment? Yes No
If sound amplification equipment is to be used or excessive noise may result from your event, a Sound Variance
may be required. Please contact the City License Department at (330) 438-4480.
Are you planning to use tents? Yes No
If tents are to be used, you will need to obtain a permit from the Canton Fire Department at (330) 489-3411.
Please submit a map (no larger than 8 ½” x 11”) of the route or layout of the event. Include on the map:
Restrooms or portable toilets, first aid facilities, emergency vehicle access routes, restricted driving lanes,
exhibitor parking, bandstands and stages, seating, structures, tents, liquor license area, and/or vendor
An approved Public Event Application entitles the applicant to the use of City Space. The City is not
responsible for pursuing additional arrangements and permits that may be required. Applicant is responsible for
any damage or debris left on the premises and future permits may be withheld should excess damage or debris
be created as a result of this event. The City reserves the right to charge for any damages or loss of property that
occurs during the event. The applicant or sponsoring organization is required to notify and coordinate with any
businesses, homeowners, or other entities that may be impacted by the event.
This application will be considered only when all necessary sections have been completed. Submission of this
application does not guarantee approval of the event. The sponsor will be notified of the approval or denial after
all city departments and outside agencies have reviewed the complete application.
I hereby agree to operate the described event in accordance with all regulations and conditions imposed by the
laws of the State of Ohio and the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the City of Canton for public events. I
understand any false statement could result in the revocation or denial of this application.
Signature of Applicant
For Internal City Use Only
This event request shall be forwarded upon approval to the following departments:
Police Traffic Bureau
Other (Please List)
Police Department Signature
Safety Director’s Signature or Designee
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