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Documentation of Default Resolution
Student Name: ___________________________________ WSCC ID: _______________ DOB: _____/_____/________
The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) indicates that you are in DEFAULT on one or more federal
student loan(s). A student who is in default on a federal student loan cannot receive further federal
financial aid until he or she resolves the default. Below is a list of acceptable documentation which you may
submit to document that your defaulted loan has been resolved:
A. Paid In Full Letter: A student can resolve a default by repaying the loan(s) in full and thereby regain
eligibility for federal financial aid. The student must provide documentation by submitting a “Default Paid In
Full Letter” from the holder of the loan.
B. Satisfactory Repayment Arrangement Letter: A student in default on a federal student loan can be eligible
for federal financial aid if he/she has made repayment arrangements that are satisfactory to the loan holder.
After the student makes six consecutive, full, voluntary payments on time, he regains eligibility for federal
financial aid. The student must provide documentation by submitting a written statement from the loan
holder indicating that the student has made satisfactory repayment arrangements as documentation of the
arrangement. NOTE: Although a student can regain eligibility for all federal financial aid funds by making
satisfactory repayment arrangements, the loan is still in default. After the student makes more payments, the
loan may be rehabilitated, that is, it will not be in default anymore (see below)
C. Loan Rehabilitation: A loan will not be rehabilitated until the borrower makes 12 consecutive, full,
voluntary payments on time and the student will have normal loan benefits, such as deferments.
Know What You Owe
The National Student Loan Database (NSLDS) is a centralized database that tracks how much federal student
loan debt a student has. Visit to access at any time. You will need your FSA ID (username
and password) to access the website. Please note: NSLDS does not display information about private student
loans. For more information on your private loans, contact your lender.
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Documentation is acceptable and student may regain TITLE IV eligibility.
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