Divorced/Separated Disclosure - Independent
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It is our understanding you were either separated or divorced after filing the 2020-21 FAFSA. To determine
your 2020-21 eligibility for financial assistance, we need further clarification regarding your financial
Complete the following items using only your information, excluding any of your spouse’s information,
even if a joint tax return was filed. If you still jointly own/share any assets, report only your share.
Date of Separation and/or Divorce: ____/____/____
A. Submit a signed copy of your 2018 Federal Income Tax Return and copies of all W-2 forms.
B. Complete the following information:
a. Current number in household (excluding your ex-spouse): ______
b. Current number of your household members attending college in 2020-21 ______
c. Amount of child or spousal support you expect to receive in 2019
because of divorce or separation $_______
2. UNTAXED INCOME & BENEFITS expected to be received during 2019 *
a. Welfare benefits (including TANF). Don’t include food stamps or subsidized housing $_______
b. Social Security benefits received for all household members $_______
c. SSI disability benefits $_______
d. Child support you will receive during the upcoming year for all children
Do not include foster care or adoption payments. $_______
e. Spousal support to be received by custodial parent $_______
f. Worker’s compensation $_______
g. Bills paid for custodial parent by someone else $_______
h. Any other untaxed income or benefits. List source(s): _____________ $_______
Workforce Investment Act Educational benefits, benefits from flexible spending arrangements
(e.g. cafeteria plans), or combat pay if you are not a tax filer.
3. ASSET INFORMATION: What is it worth today? What is owed on it?
a. Cash, savings, & checking accounts: $__________
b. Investments (excluding retirement plans): $__________ $__________
c. Other real estate (excluding home): $__________ $__________
d. Business: Name _____________________ $__________ $__________
Is the business more than 50% family-owned and controlled? YES NO
Does the business have 100 or fewer full-time equivalent employees? YES NO
e. Investment farm: $__________ $__________
Do you “materially participate in the farm's operation”? YES NO
Student Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________________