Division of Information Technology Poster Printing Services
Request for Poster Printing Services Form
Pick-Up Date
(Poster/s ready for pick-up)
Banner/Poster Size (Max. width is 36 inches)
White Bond
_____ inches x _____ inches
Banner/Poster Size (Max. width is 36 inches)
White Bond
Please provide feedback and instructions to proceed:
Department Contact Name:
Phone No.:
PeopleSoft # / Department ID:
Payme nt (Please be reminded that the budget transfer must be made prior to the poster printing/pick-up.)
Account No.:
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(Signature required before work can begin. Signature authorizes expenditure from the named budget
and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.)
GO: I have reviewed the submitted document(s) to be printed and am satisfied with its quality. I
authorize DIT Poster Printing Services to print my requested order at the agreed-upon specifications and
Banner/Poster Paper Type
No. of Copies:
No. of Copies:
Banner/Poster Paper Type
Additional Copies
When submitting up your order, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is accurate. If there is an error on your
part, you will be required to resubmit the job for reprinting at your department’s expense.
NEW REVIEW PRINT REQUIRED: Please make the noted changes and send another review
OK WITH CHANGES: I authorize DIT Poster Printing Services to make the noted minor changes to my
submitted document(s) according to the agreed-upon specifications, prior to printing my order.
_____ inches x _____ inches
DIT Poster Printing Services (DPPS)
DIT Poster Printing Services (DPPS) provides large format poster printing services for Bowie State University staff and
faculty only (with valid BSU ID).
All files submitted for printing must be in PDF format.
The dimensions of the poster must not exceed 42 inches’ x 60 inches.
Poster files 15MB or smaller can be emailed to helpdesk@bowiestate.edu
. Please include your full name, contact
information and specify the dimensions of the poster you would like printed.
DIT Poster Printing Services (DPPS) is not responsible for spelling or graphics errors on submitted files. You will be
charged for the original order and any re-prints. Note that all poster printing is done through a PC. At times there can
be MAC/PC compatibility issues.
DPPS will not print posters with color-saturated backgrounds. We reserve the right to return a poster for revision if
bright or dark colors account for a significant portion of the poster.
Please allow 1-2 business days for your poster to be printed. A DIT staff member will let you know via email when your
poster is ready to pick up.
Payment is due prior to poster printing through a department budget transfer to DIT. Please contact Marivic Weiss for
questions regarding budget transfer payments.
DIT Poster Printing Services (DPPS) is located on the third floor of the Thurgood Marshall Library in room 272.
Hours of operation are Monday Friday 10am
2pm, as well as posted at the entrance to the room.
*Please note that the DIT poster printing service is a printing service and not a design service. Customers are expected to
send ready files to be printed.