July 2020
Reporting areas:
Reporting areas:
Center for Teaching Excellence
Amy Haw kins, Director
Learning Communities
Jaym e Millsap Stone, Director
Department of Student Transitions
Amy Baldw in, Director
Other responsibilities:
University Admissions Committee
Council for Student Success (co-
UCA Online: Recruitment and
Academic Advising Center
Leigh Ann DenHartog, Director
Athletic Academic Advising
Scott Brezee, Director
Transfer Services
Brian Corbin, Director
Reporting areas:
Division of Academic Affairs
Provost and Executive Vice President
Patricia S. Poulter
Dean, Graduate School
Angela T. Barlow
Associate Provost, Institutional
Jonathan A. Glenn
Associate Provost, Academic Success
Kurt A. Boniecki
College Deans
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Tom Williams
Health and Behavioral Sciences
Nancy Reese
Education ►
Victoria Groves-Scott
Michael Hargis
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Stephen Addison
Schedler Honors College
Patricia Sm ith
Dean and Director of Exemplary Studies
Office of Student Success
Julia Winden Fey, Director
Office of the Registrar
Becky Rasnick, Registrar
▲ UCA Org
International Education and Engagement
Phillip Bailey
Associate Vice President
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Associate Vice President, Enrollment
Kevin P. Thomas
Admissions/Enrollment Services
Courtney Bryant, Director
Student Financial Aid
Cheryl Lyons, Director
Outreach and Community Engagement ►
Shaneil Ealy
Associate Vice President
Academic Assessment and General
Jacob Held, Assistant Provost
SCES Admin and Assessment Support
Alyson McEntire, Assessment
Research Associate
Institutional Research
Amber Hall, Director
Torreyson Library
R. Dean Covington, Director
University Testing
Courtney Dycus, Director
Other responsibilities:
ADHE Liaison
HLC Liaison (ALO)
Academic Bulletins
Emergency Management AA
Banner Team (chair)
DSIA Oversight Group (chair)
Reporting areas:
Sponsored Programs
Joy Richey Reynolds, Director
External Grants
Graduate School
Graduate Council
Internal Grant/Research Funds
Other responsibilities:
Sabbatical Leave Review Committee
Council for Student Success (co-
Undergraduate Council (chair)
UCA Online: Policy and Curriculum
July 2020
Courtney Bryant
Admissions and Enrollment
Associate Director, Admissions
and Technology
Associate Director, Recruitment
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Senior Admissions
Administrative Specialist II
Admission Analyst –
Freshman (3)
Admission Analyst – Bear
Partner, Post-Bacc, Readmit,
Student Workers (10)
Office Manager
Admissions Counselors (3)
Regional Admissions
Counselors (2)
Assistant Director, Campus
Preview Days
Assistant Director, Campus
Student Ambassadors
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Administrative Specialist II
Special Projects Coordinator
July 2020
Programs of study:
BA, Art – Art Education, Art History, Fine
BA/BS Interior Design
BFA, Studio Art
Baum Gallery of Fine Art
Black Box Student Gallery
Department of Art and Design
Bryan Massey, Chair
Programs of study:
BA/BS, Communication
BA/BS, Journalism
BA/BS, Public Relations
BA, Writing
Channel 6
The Echo, The Scroll
UCA Forensics
First-Year Writing Program
Principles of Communication Program
Center for Writing and Communication
School of Communication
Donna Stephens, Director
Programs of study:
BA, Creative Writing
BA/BS, Film
BA/BS, Theatre
MFA, Creative Writing
MFA, Film
Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre
Arkatext Literary Festival
C. D. Wright Women Writers Conference
UCA Film Festival
Youth Theatre of Central Arkansas
The Vortex, Arkana
Department of Film, Theatre, and Creative
Shauna Meador, Chair
Programs of study:
BA, Music
BM, Music
BME, Music Education
GC, Music (Professional Studies)
MM, Music
Community Music Institute
Conw ay Symphony Orchestra
UCA Marching Band
Department of Music
Stephen Plate, Chair
Associate Dean
Gayle Seym our
UCA Public Appearances
Amanda Horton, Director
Programs of study:
BA, English
BA, English w ith teacher licensure
BA, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
MA, English
Slant: A Journal of Poetry
Department of English
Ty Haw kins, Chair
Tom Williams
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Programs of study:
BA/BS, History
BA, African/African-American Studies
BSE, Social Studies (History)
MA, History
Minors: Asian Studies, Southern and
Arkansas Studies
Other program:
History Day Arkansas
Department of History
Wendy Lucas, Chair
Programs of study:
BA/BS, Philosophy
BA/BS, Religious Studies
Minor: Gender Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Taine Duncan, Chair
Programs of study:
BA/BS, Political Science
BA/BS, Public Administration
BA, International Studies
Minor: Legal Studies
Other program/publication:
Model United Nations
Midsouth Political Science Review
Department of Political Science
Clay Arnold, Chair
Programs of study:
BA/BS, Anthropology
BA/BS, Criminology
BA/BS, Sociology
Organizations/publications :
Jamie C. Brandon Center for
Archaeological Research
Journal of Undergraduate Research in
Anthropology (JURA)
Department of Sociology, Criminology, and
Edw ard Pow ers, Chair
Programs of study:
BA, Linguistics
BA, Modern Languages – Chinese,
French, Spanish
GC, Spanish
MA, Spanish
Minors: German, Latin American and
Latino Studies, TESOL
Intensive English Program
Other program:
Community Language School
Department of Languages, Linguistics,
Literatures, and Cultures
Lynn Burley, Chair (interim)
Programs of study:
AA, General Education
BGS, Bachelor of General Studies
Asian Studies Development Program
Regional Center
Other College Units/Programs
Other programs/publications:
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences Fair
Student Research Symposium
Student Journal (online)
Oxford American
Ryan Harris, Executive Director
July 2020
Michael Hargis
College of Business
Programs of study:
MBA, Business Administration
Arkansas Center for Research in
Center for Insurance & Risk
Center for Logistics Education,
Advancement, and Research
Other College Units
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Programs of study:
TC, Accounting
BBA, Accounting
MAcc, Accounting
Department of Accounting
Stephanie Watson, Chair
Programs of study:
BA, Economics – International Trade
BS, Economics
BBA, Economics – International
BBA, Finance
BBA, Insurance and Risk
Department of Economics, Finance,
and Insurance and Risk Management
Thomas Snyder, Chair
Programs of study:
BBA, General Business
BBA, Management Information
BS, Cybersecurity Management
BS, Information Systems
GC, Data Analytics
Department of Management
Information Systems
Jim Dow ney, Chair
Programs of study:
BBA, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
BBA, Logistics and Supply Chain
BBA, Management
BBA, Marketing
Department of Marketing &
Michael Rubach , Chair
Associate Dean
Laci Lyons (interim)
MBA Program Director
Mark McMurtrey
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July 2020
Candidate Services
Gary Bunn, Director
Technology Learning Center
Reading Center
Academic Advising
Other College Units
Victoria Groves-Scott
College of Education
Programs of study:
BSE, Middle-Level Education
GC, Gifted and Talented Education
MAT, Teaching
MSE, Advanced Studies in Teacher
Teaching and Learning Minor
(Secondary Teacher Professional
Education Courses)
STEM Education (STEMteach) Minor
Department of Teaching and Learning
Deborah Dailey, Chair (interim)
Programs of study:
GC, Computer Science Teaching and
Learning, Media Design and
Development, Online Teaching and
MS, College Student Personnel
MS, Instructional Technology
MS, Library Media and Information
MS, School Counseling
MS, School Leadership, Management,
and Administration
PMC, District-Level Administration,
Building Administration, Curriculum
Administration, Special-Education
Program Administration, Gifted and
Talented Program Administration
EdS, Educational Leadership
PhD, Leadership Studies
Department of Leadership Studies
Louis Nadelson, Chair
Programs of study:
BSE, Elementary Education
BSE, Special Education
GC, Dyslexia Interventionist, Integrated
Early Childhood Education (B-K),
Special Education
MSE, Reading
MSE, Special Education
MAT, Special Education
Special Education Minor (non-licensure)
Child Study Center
Mashburn Institute
Department of Elementary, Literacy, and
Special Education
Janet Filer, Chair
Associate Dean
Michael Mills
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Director of Assessment and
Donna Wake
Distinguished Education
Equity Fellow
Candice Barnes
July 2020
Programs of study:
BSE, Physical Education (PETE)
BS, Exercise Science
MS, Athletic Training
MS, Exercise Science
MA, Sport Management
Department of Exercise & Sport Science
Steve Tucker, Chair
Nancy Reese
College of Health and Behavioral
Programs of study:
BSN, Pre-Licensure and RN to BSN
MSN, Nurse Educator w ith Clinical
PMCs: Nurse Educator w ith Clinical
Specialty, Family Nurse Practitioner
DNP, Post-Master's DNP and BSN to
DNP (Family Nurse Practitioner)
School of Nursing
Susan Gatto, Director
Programs of study:
DPT, Physical Therapy
PhD, Physical Therapy
Residency in Pediatric Physical
Department of Physical Therapy
Kevin Garrison, Chair (interim)
Programs of study:
BS, Communication Sciences and
MS, Communication Sciences and
Department of Communication Sciences
and Disorders
Dee Lance, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Dietetics
BS, Community Nutrition
BS, Nutrition Science
BS, Family and Consumer Sciences
BSE, Family and Consumer Sciences
Post-bacc Dietetics Internship
MS, Family and Consumer Sciences
MS, Nutrition
Department of Family & Consumer
Nina Roofe, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Addiction Studies
BS, Health Promotion
BS, Health Sciences
BS, Medical Laboratory Sciences
BS, Nuclear Medicine Technology
BS, Radiography
MS, Health Promotion
Department of Health Sciences
Emogene Fox, Chair
Program of study:
Minor in Military Science
Department of Military Science &
LTC Brett Mardis, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Psychology
MS, Mental Health Counseling
EdS, School Psychology
PhD, Psychology
Department of Psychology and
Art Gillaspy, Chair
Program of study:
OTD, Occupational Therapy
Department of Occupational Therapy
Tina Mankey, Chair
Associate Dean
Jacquie Rainey
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July 2020
Programs of study:
BS, Biology
BS, Environmental Science –
MS, Biology
Other facilities:
Microscope facility
Jew el Moore Nature Reserve
Department of Biology
Brent Hill, Chair
Special STEM Initiatives
UCA Institute for STEM
Professional Development and
Education Research
Programs of study:
BS, Chemistry
BS, Environmental Science –
Department of Chemistry
Pat Desrochers, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Engineering Physics
BS, Physics
BS, General Science
Other facilities:
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Carl Frederickson, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Computer Engineering
BS, Computer Science
BS, Cybersecurity
MS, Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Emre Celebi, Chair
Programs of study:
BA/BS, Geography
BS, Environmental Science –
Planning and Administration
GC, Geographic Information
MGIS, Geographic Information
Department of Geography
Stephen O'Connell, Chair
Programs of study:
BS, Mathematics
MA, Mathematics Education
MS, Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Ramesh Garim ella, Chair
Stephen Addison
College of Natural Sciences and
Associate Dean
Ginny Adam s
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July 2020
Associate Vice President
Shaneil Ealy
Outreach and Community
Finance, Systems, and
Billie Hill
Service Learning and
Dr. Lesley Graybeal
Kristy Carter
Fiscal Support Specialist
Carlos Herrera
Technology Coordinator
Gleb Polotovtsev
Camp/Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator
Joshua Gibby
Professional Dev Admin
Paula Meyers
Program Coordinator
Lawana Hawkins
Managing Director
Shelby Fiegel
Project Coordinator
Moriah Bruner
Assistant Director
Penny Hatfield
Community Ed Admin
Autum n Ballard
Office Manager
Tracie Spivie
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Marketing Specialist
Serena Dom broski
Volunteer Coordinator
Lesley Waterson
Event Admin III
Cindy Ballard
Admin Assistant
Ali Taylor
Student Experience
Maranda Stumo
Director of Conference
Melanie Watson
Programs and Services
Reuel Shepherd
Culinary Admin
Emily Cooper
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Arkansas Coding Academy
Dr. Don Walker
Community and Economic
July 2020
University Registrar
Rebekah Rasnick
Office of the Registrar
Customer Service Team
(vacant position)
(vacant position)
Associate Registrar
Vicky Summers
HS Concurrent Coordinator
Amanda Paladino
Veteran Services Coordinator
David Williams
Degree Works Administrator
Jeff Wittig
Graduation Coordinator
Alejandra Mitchell
Graduation Assistant Registrar
Robert Hall
Transfer Credit Evaluation Team
James Gerdes
(vacant position)
(vacant position)
Central Scheduling Services
Lisa Canady
Assistant Registrar Team
Tabitha Hasson
Daryl Babb
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Transfer Express Specialist
July 2020
R. Dean Covington (LF)
Torreyson Library
▲to top w eb link
Amber Wilson (LF)
Education & Outreach
Joanna Ewing (LF)
Tam ela Smith (LF)
Access Services
Daniel Klotz (LS)
University Archives Supervisor
UCA Archives
Elizabeth DiPrince (LF)
Systems & Interlibrary Loan
Susan Burks (LF)
Government Information
Renée LeBeau-Ford (LF)
Collection Development
Christina Karafit (LF)
Neco Valley (LT)
Heather Reinold (LT)
Bettye Osborn (EH)
Lee Brew er (LT)
Eric Fulton (LT)
Elizabeth Gayfield (LT)
EH = Extra Help
LF = Library Faculty
LS = Library Supervisor
LT = Library Technician
Donna Law rence (LS)
Jeremy Hunter (LT)
Baberely Waters (LT)
Sandra Hooper (LS, Circ)
Danielle Kraus (LT)
Greg Willingham (LT)
Kristi Romine (LS, Nights)
Adam Lunk (LT)
Reese Paglianite (LT)
Chelsi Benton (EH)
Daniel Klotz (LS, Overnight)
David Jones (LT)
Zachary Orten (LT)
Shelbea Gentry (LT)
Amber Guyette (LT)
Alicia Jones (LT)
Michael Girdler (LS)
Gabrielle Wroten (LT)
Karen Pruneda (LS)
Matthew Schw artz (LT)
Patricia Rogers
Ashley Isom
Administrative Support
Jessica Riedmuller (LF)
Reference & Instruction
Deb Morse (EH, Ref.)