Division C B-2.4.3. and 2.4.4.
To: The authority having jurisdiction Date:
Postal code
Name of project
Legal description
Permit number
I hereby give assurance that
(a) I have fulfilled my obligations for coordinating the field review as outlined in Sentence of
Division C of the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition (NBC(AE)) and as agreed to in the
previously submitted Schedule A-1;
(b) I have enclosed documents supporting all approved changes to the plans and specifications prepared by
all of the registered professionals of record on which the building permit was issued for this project;
(c) The project with the noted changes substantially complies with
(i) the applicable requirements of the NBC(AE) and the Safety Codes Act and its Regulations, and
(ii) the plans, specifications and other documents submitted in support of the application for the
building permit; and
(d) I am a registered professional as defined in the NBC(AE).
Assurance of Compliance by the Coordinating Registered Professional
See Subsection 2.4.3. of Division C of the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition
National Building Code 2019 Alberta Editio n Volume 1 Division C B-11
B-2.4.3. and 2.4.4. Division C
Note: affix seals over signature
Postal code
Schedule C-1 - Continued
Note: 1. This letter shall be submitted by the coordinating registered professional after completion of the project
and before permission to occupy is issued by the authority having jurisdiction. Separate similar letters
(Schedule C-2) shall be submitted by each registered professional of record to the coordinating
registered professional.
2. In this letter the words in italics are defined in the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition.
4. The term “substantially comply” is used in field review because a registered professional does not
supervise the actual construction.
5. The constructor is responsible for safety of the public and workers at the project site.
Coordinating Registered Professional
3. This letter must be signed by the registered professional.
I,______________________, have signed on behalf of
The National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition defines a registered professional as an individual who qualifies as a
registered architectural professional,
registered engineering professional, or
licensed interior designer.
B-12 Division C National Building Code 2019 Alberta Edition Volume 1
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