Distinguished Team Award
2020 Nomination Form
Team Name
Name o
f Chair or Supervisor
Purpose or Mission of the Team
Name of
Nominator (Required)
(Must be full-time or part-time
FSU employee.)
Do you w
ish your nomination to
remain anonymous? Yes No
Who may be nominated? Any team of people who worked together to fulfill a specific goal
or mission between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019, is eligible for the
Distinguished Team Award. A team comprised of individuals from multiple
disciplines/departments may have met to achieve or work towards its unique task on a
continuing, temporary, or less-than-daily basis. Some examples of these are ad hoc
committees or special project teams. Teams may include full-time or part-time members of
the Ferris community. In addition, teams may include members who were recipients of the
Distinguished Staff Award or the Distinguished Faculty Award. Excluded are teams who
have won this award previously.
Who may nominate? Any full-time or part-time employee may nominate except the
supervisor or the chair of the team being nominated. Nominators may make only one team
nomination per year. Students may not nominate.
Supporting Information (Information may exceed one page)If you have any questions
regarding the information on this form you may contact the Distinguished Staff/
Team Committee at distinguishedstaff@ferris.edu or by phone to Elise Gramza at
1. How is/was this team effective in accomplishing its goals or mission
2. How does/did the team members demonstrate cooperation within the team? Give
3. How does/did the team provide effective delivery of its product to the customer?
4. Give examples of how the team shows/showed a positive attitude and enthusiasm for
tudents and/or colleagues.
5. Provide any other information that demonstrates this team's exceptional qualities.
Please return this form to Elise Gramza at Timme CSS 201 or e-mail as
an attachment to distinguishedstaff@ferris.edu by January 31, 2020