Distinguished Staff Award
2020 Nomination Form
Nominee Name
Name of Nominator (Required)
(Must be full-time or part-time
FSU employee.)
Do you
wish your nomination to
remain anonymous? Yes No
Who may be nominated? Any full-time or part-time employee below the level of vice
president who is currently employed and has been employed for a minimum of the last two
years is eligible for the Distinguished Staff Award. Previous winners of this award, faculty
who are eligible for the Distinguished Faculty Award, and current Distinguished Staff Award
Committee members are not eligible.
Who may nominate? Any full-time or part-time employee may nominate. If more than
one person is nominating an individual, each nominator must complete a separate form.
Nominators may make a maximum of two staff nominations per year. Letters of support are
welcome. Students may not nominate.
Supporting Information (Information may exceed one page. In addition, the Committee
will follow up with the nominee to obtain additional information.) If you have any
questions regarding the information on this form you may contact the
Distinguished Staff/Team Committee at distinguishedstaff@ferris.edu or by phone
to Elise Gramza at 231-591-2805.
1. Provide an example or description of how the nominee exhibits a positive attitude
and/or enthusiasm for Ferris.
2. State how the nominee excels in performing his or her duties.
3. Give an example of how the nominee expresses interest in students and/or
demonstrates cooperation with staff.
4. State the type of participation the nominee exhibits as a member of the University
community, service activities, and community service activities.
5. Provide any other information that demonstrates this nominee's exemplary qualities.
Please return this form to Elise Gramza at Timme CSS 201 or e-
mail as an attachment to distinguishedstaff@ferris.edu by January
31, 2020.