Distinguished Alumni Award
Presented by the
El Camino College Foundation
Nomination Criteria
Nominations for induction into the Distinguished Alumni of El Camino College are now being
accepted. Anyone who wishes to nominate a former El Camino College student for this
award may do so by completing the nomination form. Please include any available background
information such as resume, newspaper or magazine clippings, etc.
Selection Criteria
Potential candidates should meet the following criteria:
Ten years must have elapsed since candidates attended El Camino College.
Candidates must have a proven track record of achievement in their chosen career, service
to the community, or area of endeavor.
Candidates should have gained local, state, or national recognition.
Selection Process
Representatives from the El Camino College Foundation Board of Directors, in conjunction
with the Executive Director, meet during the summer to review candidate nomination
applications and will forward up to ten candidates for further consideration. Past nominees
may be considered.
Final review and selection is made by a committee comprised of the Foundation Executive
Director and representatives from the Foundation Board of Directors.
The El Camino College Foundation distributes the nomination forms to past inductees,
active alumni members, the Foundation Board of Directors, faculty and staff, elected ofcials,
community organizations and the media. Anyone may obtain a nomination form from the
Foundation Web page at www.elcaminocollegefoundation.org or by calling the Foundation
ofce at 310-660-3683.
The Distinguished Alumni induction ceremony takes place every other year in the fall.
Distinguished Alumni Award 2020
Name of Nominee
Last First Maiden
Address of Nominee
City State Zip
Telephone Number
Dates of Attendance Graduation Date
Discipline or Major Degree Awarded Club Afliations
Additional Education (degree(s) received)
Current Employer and Job Title
Career Highlights
Community Service and Awards/Recognition
Brief Biographical Sketch
Please include a biography, resume, news clippings/articles, or any additional information you can provide
regarding the nominee.
Nominator ECC Alumni ECC Faculty/Staff
Address City State Zip
Phone Work/Cell Email
Please return this nomination form by Thursday, May 29, 2020 to be considered for induction in 2020.
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Email: ntonner@elcamino.edu
Phone: 310-660-3683
El Camino College Foundation
16007 Crenshaw Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90506
16007 Crenshaw Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90506
Email: ntonner@elcamino.edu
Phone: 310-660-3683
Daelea Aldich ‘97
Barbara Ann Alexander ‘97
David Benoit ‘11
Eleanor Bersano ‘16
Timothy Robert Blevins ‘97
Donald Brann ‘11
James M. Brooks ‘97
Fred Claire ‘97
Rudy deLeon ‘97
Cindi L. Demboski ‘97
Fred Dryer ‘97
Keith Erickson ‘97
Dennis Fayze Fandey ‘97
James A. Ferreira ‘97
E. Michael Fincke ‘12
Diane M. Fitzhugh ‘97
Monica Fredericks ‘14
Pat Furey ‘11
Gary L. Galiger ‘97
Don E. Gilpin ‘97
Barbara F. Gleason ‘97
James M. Hill ‘97
Robert S. Horii ‘97
Nils E. Johnson ‘97
Kathryn Joiner ‘97
Richard O. Keelor ‘97
Timothy L. King ‘97
Michael Lacey ‘12
Jack Ledbetter ‘97
Russ E. Lesser ‘97
Carol M. Liess ‘97
Dennis Mangers ‘97
Patricia C. Martz ‘97
Harry A. McKellop ‘97
Anita McLaughlin ‘12
William J. Mealer ‘97
Candace Messer ‘12
Cliff Meidl ‘03
Mark Mercier ‘97
Chris Montez ‘12
Philip Montez ‘97
Michael Montoya ‘11
George Nakano ‘16
Carol Neblett ‘97
Joe Boyd Noble ‘97
Wayne Overbeck ‘97
David Pack ‘97
Nick G. Parras ‘97
Maria G. Pena ‘97
Virginia T. Pffner ‘97
Gregory Rajah ‘14
Gerald T. Robinson ‘97
Mary C. Rooney ‘97
Edmond J. Russ ‘97
James T. Russell, Jr. ‘97
Laura Schenasi ‘16
Ray Southstone ‘97
Jannette A. Stewart ‘97
Ryan Stonebraker ‘14
Megan Tatu ‘14
Ian D. Teague ‘97
Maxine L. Thomas ‘97
Donna Toy-Chen ‘97
Cinna Toy-Wohlmuth ‘11
Carlos R. Vessels ‘97
Cheryl Ann Winkler ‘97
Hope Witkowsky ‘02
Merrie (Penny) Wood ‘97
William Young ‘16
Roy T. Yanase ‘97
Beverly B. Young ‘97
Rocky Chavez
Dan Keenan
Sherry Kramer
Brian Wilson