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Dispute Form 1095-A for Covered California
If you need help in Spanish, or would like this form in Spanish, you can call 1-800-300-0213. If you
need help in a language other than English or Spanish, please see the final page of this document
for language-specific telephone numbers.
If you would like more information about Form 1095-A, please visit:
If you would like more information about filing your taxes, please visit:
Free tax advice is also available through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance at 1-800-906-9887 or if
you are over 60 years old there is free Tax Counseling for the Elderly at 1-800-906-9887.
You may use this form to dispute the information on the Form 1095-A or request a Form 1095-A if you did not
receive one. Based on any corrections you show on this form, Covered California will review and check the
new information you report. If, after review, Covered California determines that the updated information you
provided is correct, we will send you a new, corrected Form 1095-A. To help with our review, please include
any supporting documents with this form. Supporting documents could include invoices from your health plan
that show the amount of premium assistance (tax credits or APTC) you received and monthly premium you
paid, or Covered California notices that show how much premium assistance you were eligible for.
Do I have to use this form to make all changes to information on my Form 1095-A?
No. If you would like to correct any of the following information on your Form 1095-A, you may do so by calling
Covered California’s Service Center or contacting your local County Social Services office. You do not need
to complete this form for the following types of changes.
The information a Service Center Representative or local County Social Services official can change is:
Your name
Your date of birth
Your social security number
Your address
Why do I need to ensure the information is correct on my Form 1095-A?
Form 1095-A is used to report important information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about your health
insurance bought through Covered California. The Form 1095-A also tells you how much premium assistance
(tax credits or APTC) your health plan got on your behalf during 2014. If you enrolled in a health plan through
Covered California but did not receive premium assistance, you will still receive a Form 1095-A from Covered
California to show you what months you had health insurance (this rule does not apply to individuals who
purchased Minimum Coverage Plans or health plans through Covered California’s Small Business Health
Options Program (SHOP)). All Covered California health plan consumers must use the information on the
Form 1095-A to complete IRS Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit. If you disagree with any of the information
shown on the Form 1095-A, you must report it to Covered California and you must send a corrected Form
8962 to the IRS if you already filed your taxes.
What is IRS Form 8962?
Form 8962 is a new IRS form that you will use to “reconcile” the premium assistance (tax credit or APTC)
amount your health insurance plan got (or how much you may get, if you did not get premium assistance in
advance) based on your estimated income for 2014 along with the amount that is determined based on your
actual income for 2014, as reported on your federal tax return. People who received premium assistance will
have to “reconcile” the premium amount they got based on their estimated income (this will be listed in their
Form 1095-A) with the amount that is determined based on their actual income as reported on their federal tax
return. For more information on IRS Form 8962, please visit:
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When will I receive a corrected Form 1095-A?
If you use this dispute form to correct information on your Form 1095-A, the postmark date on the envelope or
the date of a fax will be considered the date of receipt for this form. Covered California will respond to you
within 60 days of the date of receipt. If Covered California is able to verify that the changes you report on this
form are correct, we will send you a corrected Form 1095-A within 60 days.
NOTE: If you filed your taxes before you received your corrected Form 1095-A from Covered California, you
may have to file an amendment to your taxes.
If Covered California can’t verify the changes you requested, a Covered California Service Center
Representative will call you within 60 days of the date of receipt to tell you that you will not get an updated
Form 1095-A. If you do not get a new, corrected Form 1095-A, you must use the original Form 1095-A
Covered California sent you to complete Form 8962 and file your tax returns.
NOTE: Medi-Cal recipients, individuals who purchased plans through Covered California’s Small Business
Health Options Program (SHOP), and Minimum Coverage Plan recipients will not get a Form 1095 for tax year
Please keep a copy of all forms for your records.
(The recipient is the person whose information on Form 1095-A is being disputed. This section should be filled
out by the claimant or by a parent/guardian/authorized representative of the claimant.)
Case ID:
First Name Middle Initial Last Name Suffix
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) Phone Number (with area code)
Email Address
Street Address
Apt./Ste. #
City State Zip Code
List the names of other household members who are filing a dispute using this form. Use extra paper if
there are more people in your tax household who want to file a Form 1095-A dispute using this form.
Household Member #1:
Household Member #4:
Household Member #2:
Household Member #5:
Household Member #3:
Household Member #6:
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Covered California Authorized Representative Form
Assistance with completing this Form 1095-A Dispute Form
Instructions: An “authorized representative” is a person you trust to help you with your Form 1095-A dispute with Covered California
to be able to see your personal information, and to act for you on matters related to this form (including getting information about
your Form 1095-A or signing your Form 1095-A Dispute Form). If you would like to assign an authorized representative to act on
your behalf, fill in the boxes below, sign this document and return it to us. If you ever need to change your authorized representative,
contact Covered California. If you would like to assign your authorized representative over the phone, call us at 1-800-300-1506
1. Name of authorized representative
2. Address 3. Apt./Ste. #
4. City 5. State 6. ZIP Code 7. County
Phone Number (with area code)
For certified enrollment counselors, navigators, certified plan-based enrollers and agents only.
Instructions: Complete this section if you are a certified counselor, navigator, or agent filling out this dispute form for somebody else.
Certified Enrollment Counselor
CEC number
Certified Enrollment Entity
CEE number
Certified Insurance Agency
License number
Certified Plan-Based Enroller
Certification number
Certified individual’s signature Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Permission to share information
I authorize the person/organization above to act on my behalf regarding my Form 1095-A dispute. I authorize Covered California to
speak with this person/organization on my behalf.
I have completed the “Permission to Share Information” section of this form that authorizes Covered California to speak with the
person/organization above.
I have signed and dated this form below.
I understand that Covered California cannot speak with the person/organization I have appointed above (my authorized
representative) until it receives this signed form from me.
Do you want your authorized representative to receive notices on your behalf? Yes
By signing, you allow this person to sign your dispute form, get official information about your dispute
form, and act for you on all future matters related to this dispute form until the end of the Form 1095-A
dispute process.
Your signature Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
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Tell Us What Is Being Disputed
You may dispute any of the following regarding your Form 1095-A (check all applicable boxes):
I never got a Form 1095-A from Covered California
The wrong amount of premium assistance (tax credits or APTC) listed on Form 1095-A
The wrong months of coverage are listed (for example: the Form 1095-A shows that you had
Covered California health insurance in January 2014, when you did not)
Some months you had health insurance are not shown (for example: the Form 1095-A does not
show that you had Covered California health insurance in March 2014, when you did)
The wrong start date and/or end date for covered individuals
The wrong policy start date and/or end date
Missing household members or wrong names
My health coverage was terminated in 2014
Other (please check box and use chart below to describe your dispute)
Please list the box number(s) of the Form 1095-A that you are disputing and provide the correction you
believe needs to be made. Use extra paper if you need additional space.
Box Number Correction Requested Policy Number*
If household members had different insurance policies in 2014, listing each individual’s policy number will help Covered California
decide whether the information you are challenging on this form is correct.
Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________
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Where you can send your Form 1095-A Dispute
Mail this form to:
Covered California
P.O. Box 989725
West Sacramento, CA 95798
Fax this form to:
Call the Service Center for help
completing this form at:
(TTY 1-888-889-4500)
For help in other languages, call the phone numbers listed below.
 Arabic 800-826-6317
Chinese 800-300-1533
hmoob Hmong 800-771-2156
Korean 800-738-9116
 Russian 800-778-7695
Tagalog (Filipino) Tagalog (Filipino) 800-983-8816
Armenian 800-996-1009
 Farsi 800-921-8879
Khmer Khmer 800-906-8528
Lao Lao 800-357-7976
Español Spanish 800-300-0213
Ting Vit Vietnamese 800-652-9528