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Old Smoke Alarms SafelyOld Smoke Alarms Safely
Smoke alarms save lives. But they don’t last forever. Know how to get rid
of old smoke alarms safely. There are simple steps you can take when it is
time to replace your smoke alarms. In general, there are two kinds of smoke
alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms are quicker to warn about smoldering
fires. Ionization smoke alarms are quicker to warn about flaming fires.
Test smoke alarms at least once a
month. Press the test button.
Replace all smoke alarms when
they are 10 years old.
KKK Look at the back of your smoke alarm to find out what
type of alarm you have.
KKK It is safe to put photoelectric smoke alarms in the
KKK It is not safe to put ionization smoke alarms in the
trash. They contain a small amount of radioactive
KKK Combination smoke alarms have both types of
sensors. It is not safe to put them in the trash.
KKK Learn how to throw away smoke alarms. You can
contact the company that produced them. The name
is printed on the back of the alarm. You can also
contact your city or town.
KKK Some batteries cannot be thrown in the trash.
KKK Some smoke alarms have sealed batteries. Check with
your city or town for the best way to get rid of them.
KKK Cover the posts on 9-volt batteries. Masking tape can
be used. Electrical tape can be used. This is done for
safety. Contact your city or town. Then get rid
of them.
Smoke Alarm Care