Discharge authority
Please scan and email the completed form to clientservices@mortgageinfo.com.au
Important information
Your repayment direct debit will be suspended four (4) business days prior to your discharge date.
Repayments made via salary credit will continue until you make arrangements for these payments to cease.
In order to calculate a payout figure for settlement, all access to available funds/redraw will be suspended on your loan account(s) four (4)
business days prior to the discharge date. Once your account is suspended you will not have access to these funds.
Where a discharge settlement has been booked in and does not proceed on the scheduled date, you will be required to meet any contractual loan
repayment obligations which fall due. Loan repayments which fall due will need to be paid manually during the period that your direct debit is suspended.
For full discharges, if your home loan accounts
have a BSB
starting with 032, all available funds in your offset account will be used to reduce your
payout figure (if not redrawn prior to calculating the payout figure). Your offset account will then be closed.
For full discharges, if your home loan accounts
have a BSB
starting with 182, your linked offset account/s will be delinked four (4) days prior to the
scheduled discharge date. You will no longer receive offset benefits once your offset account/s have been delinked.
If you received a credit card with your home loan, the balance owing and status of the credit card account will not be affected by this home loan
discharge. Please also note that you will be charged a credit card fee annually once your home loan is discharged.
For partial discharges, by signing this discharge authority you consent to receive relevant partial discharge documentation electronically to the email
address provided on this form or held on file. You must check your electronic communications regularly (e.g. your email and SMS) and you can
withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us or opting out via this form.
FRM3390 07/20
1 Borrower(s) details
Loan account number(s)
Borrower name(s)
Guarantor name(s) (if applicable)
Preferred contact number
We’ll use this number if we need to get in touch with you including
if access is required by a valuer to your property.
Address of all properties you currently hold with us
Address of property or properties to be discharged
If all, write “all of the above”
Reason for discharge (Please tick)
Date of discharge
Loan repaid
Refinance Name of financial institution
Type of discharge
Full discharge of loan facility Continue to section 2
Partial discharge Please complete below
I do not wish to receive partial discharge documentation
electronically and request these to be posted
For partial discharges please apply funds received at settlement in
the following manner
Account 1 number
Account 2 number
It may take up to 28 days for a partial discharge request to be
2 Contact details – borrower(s) solicitor / conveyancer /
refinance agent
Company name
Contact person
Telephone number
Mailing address
3 Forwarding details
Mailing address for notices after discharge
4 Authorised signatories (all borrowers/guarantors are
required to sign the authority below)
I/We have read and agree to the notes/conditions detailed above.
Borrower name
Borrower signature
Borrower name
Borrower signature
Guarantor name (if applicable)
Guarantor signature (if applicable)
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