roduced by the Early Years Funding team, April 2018
Disability Access Funding (DAF)
Information and Application for Parents/Carers
The government is clear that all children should be able to access
their universal and extended entitlement and that no child should have their access restricted, or
denied, because of special educational needs, or a disability. They have, therefore, created a new
targeted fund called the Disability Access Fund (DAF),
he purpose of the fund is to support early years settings to make initial reasonable adjustments and to
build the capacity of their setting to support disabled children.
he DAF is not based on an hourly rate and will be paid as a one-off payment of £615 per year to the
early years setting for each eligible child.
oviders in Cambridgeshire who are in receipt of Early Years Funding (EYF) are eligible to receive
DAF where a three- or four-year old child is:
n receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children, and;
ccessing a place at the setting under their entitlement to free early learning and childcare.
AF is available to one provider in a year. If a child is splitting their entitlement across two or more
settings, the parents will need to nominate the setting to whom they wish the payment to be made.
This will usually be the setting where the child is accessing the majority of their universal and extended
entitlement hours.
f a child receiving DAF moves from one setting to another within a financial year, the new setting is not
eligible to receive DAF funding for this child within the same financial year. The new setting will need to
wait until the following financial year to be able to apply for funding for the child.
In cases where a child who lives in one authority area attends a setting in a different local authority, the
setting’s local authority is responsible for funding the DAF for the child and eligibility checking.
lease note: four-year olds in primary school reception classes are not eligible for DAF funding.
ow to Apply
arents wishing to access DAF:
omplete the application overleaf;
ovide a copy of the official letter confirming the child’s entitlement to DLA to the nominated setting.
The setting will then take a copy of this letter and keep it on file, in accordance with data protection
policies. This copy letter should be provided to the Local Authority on request.
roviders will then submit the application below via the secure online DAF portal system to the Local
Authority who will authorise and make payment.
roduced by the Early Years Funding team, April 2018
isability Access Funding Application
Parent / Carer information: (to be completed and signed by the parent/carer)
Parent’s name
Child’s name
Nominated childcare setting
Does your child attend another setting where they are taking
up universal and/or extended hours? Please note that DAF
can only be paid to one setting.
f so, please list the
other settings below
Additional childcare setting
can confirm that my child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance for children and that I have
provided a copy of the official DLA letter to my nominated childcare provider. I understand that this is a
one-off payment to the childcare setting and that payment cannot be made to another setting within the
same financial year.
ominated setting information: (to be completed and signed by the setting)
Setting Ofsted URN,
Independent school no or DfE
Name of childcare setting
Contact name
Contact telephone number
can confirm that the above setting is the nominated setting for the DAF payment for this child in this
financial year and that I have a copy of the official letter regarding receipt of Disability Living Allowance.
We will maintain evidence of the expenditure should it be required in future.
Data Protection: We collect your details to process your application for Early Years Funding and to contact you
about related EY funding issues and tasks in accordance with The Early Years Funding Agreement.
In addition we can be required to share information with our partners, for example health organisations, to
improve the wellbeing of children in Cambridgeshire area as required by the Children Act 2004. Information
shared between partner organisations is proportionate and only given when it is necessary to help those partner
organisation services with their legal obligations. We are required to provide statistical data to the Department
for Education. We also use statistical data for our own internal research, statistical analysis or statistical surveys
to help manage our service provision, and also share data with academic institutions or independent researchers
with a legitimate need for information for their research.
All Early Years Funding application data is stored securely and maintained in accordance with the Data
Protection Act. Cambridgeshire online systems that are publicly available for entry of personal application data
are regularly independently tested to assess risk of penetration and to guard against unauthorised entry for
access to personal or any other data. This includes ensuring that the username and password access meets
industry standards. Further information about how we collect and use data, and your rights around this, can be
found on our Privacy page on our website:
www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/privacy . Our Data Protection Officer
can be contacted via data.protection@cambridgeshire.gov.uk or 01223 699137.