Directions: The following two documents related to women’s rights were written over twenty
years apart. Read the documents and determine the order in which the documents were most
likely written. Then explain your answers using evidence from the letters and your knowledge of
Document was likely written first because
Document A: Letter from Margaret Mead, a soon-to-be famous anthropologist, to her
grandmother, discussing her decision to retain her maiden name after getting married.
The Pressmans weren't a bit shocked at my keeping my own name. Mrs. Pressman . . . was
perfectly willing to call me Margaret Mead.
Document B: An account from the proceedings of the trial of Susan B. Anthony, tried on the
charge of illegal voting in a presidential election.
JUDGE HUNT: The Court must insist—the prisoner has been tried according to the established
forms of law.
MISS ANTHONY: Yes, your honor, but by forms of law made by men, interpreted by men,
administered by men, in favor of men, and against women; and hence, your honor’s ordered
verdict of guilty, against a United States citizen for the exercise of that citizen’s right to
vote,” simply because that citizen was a woman and not a man.
Document was likely written later because