Directed Study Request
•A Directed Study is designed for the student who wishes to research and study a topic not covered in course offerings or who wishes to
explore a topic in greater depth.
•The request for the study is initiated by the student. The faculty member's role is to aid the student in defining the topic, suggesting resource
material and evaluating the student's achievement. Regular meetings between the student and instructor are to be scheduled from the outset of
the study.
•Respective academic departments define how many hours of a directed study may be counted in the major and will approve the topic and the
The instructor and Dean ensure the scope of the work is sufficient for the level and number of credits proposed.
•A Directed Study may carry a letter grade or be taken pass/fail; determination must be made upon signing of the request.
•A Directed Study is open to a student after successful completion of the freshman year; in the case of transfer students, after the successful
completion of at least one semester at Saint Martin's University.
•A student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
•A student may enroll in no more than one Directed Study in any one semester.
Student Name: _________________________________ Student ID Number: _______________
Class: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Major: __________________________
Cumulative GPA:_______________ Anticipated Graduation Date: ________________________
________ _____________________________ _________ ___________________
SEMESTER & YEAR TO BE TAKEN: ___________________ GRADE OPTION: Letter Grade Pass/Fail
SIGNATURES: (must be obtained in order)
1. INSTRUCTOR: ______________________________ _____________
Approved Denied
A copy of an OUTLINE FOR PROPOSED DIRECTED STUDY must be filled out and attached before obtaining the remaining signatures and registering for the study.
2. ADVISOR: ________________________________ ______________ Approved Denied
3. DEPARTMENT CHAIR: _____________________ ______________ Approved Denied
4. DEAN OF COLLEGE/SCHOOL (of course in question): Approved Denied
Printed name of Dean
_______________________________________________________________________ ________________________
Signature of Dean Date
By signing below, I agree to the terms of this directed study and understand that this course must be completed within the semester for which I have
STUDENT SIGNATURE _____________________________ DATE: ___________________