Direct Deposit/Automatic Payments Enrollment Istructions
(for Advantage Accounts only)
With the Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment transactions, monies will automatically sweep or withdraw from a
money market account. Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment transactions can only be made with an Advantage
("Your") account.
Payroll Direct Deposit - Form Attached
Don't let monthly bills eat away at your paycheck. Most of us have good intentions of putting money away for the future — even
of seeing it grow. But when is there ever a good opportunity? Mortgage payments, utility bills, car payments all quickly eat away
at each paycheck, with little or nothing to spare.
Take advantage of your account's "built-in" investment plan.
With Payroll Direct Deposit, you can have all, or as little as $25 from each paycheck invested directly in your account.
It's painless. It's smart. It's safe. It's hassle-free. It's free.
With direct deposit,
you can put money
aside before monthly
bills eat away at it.
Your money can start
earning high dividends
sooner, normally on the
date of your check which
is often several days
before you would be
receiving it in the mail.
You'll never have to
worry if your check will
arrive via the mail on
time. With Payroll Direct
Deposit, your money is
invested electronically
and you receive written
confirmation each month
on your statement.
Since your money is
deposited directly into your
account, you will not have to
make a special trip to the
bank; or wait in long lines to
deposit your check; or
spend extra time to mail a
separate investment to your
By having an account
with us, you already
qualify for this
convenient service free
of charge!
To take advantage of this great account feature, contact your employer's payroll department and ask whether they participate in
ACH electronic funds transfer and can initiate the transfer. Then please complete Part 2 of the Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment
Form and submit this form to your employer's payroll department. Part 1 of the enrollment form must be completed by your
employer. Since the Payroll Department initiates the transaction, they should be able to provide the approximate date on which
your first transaction will occur.
Government Direct Deposit - Contact Your Financial Advisor/Registered Representative for Government Direct
Deposit Sign-up Form
Like the Payroll Direct Deposit, the Government Direct Deposit offers an excellent vehicle for investing in your future now.
Should you be interested in this account feature, please contact your Financial Advisor/Registered Representative for further
information and for a copy of the required Government Direct Deposit Sign-up form.
Automatic Payments - Contact the Receiving Institution for Required Forms
As a feature of your account, you can arrange monthly withdrawals for recurring payments like mortgages, insurance drafts, car
payments, and so on. This same feature also allows you to take advantage of establishing a disciplined investment program by
dollar-cost-averaging into a mutual fund (ask your Financial Advisor for details).
Contact your institution to ask about initiating automatic funds transfer and ask whether they participate in ACH
electronic funds transfer and can initiate the withdrawals.
• Ask the institution to provide you with a draft-authorization form.
• The form may require that you provide the following information:
Name and address of the bank
UMB Bank, N.A.
1010 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64106
Type of Depositor Account
ABA Number
In addition to the information you are asked to provide on the draft-authorization or automatic investment plan form, you must
attach a voided Advantage check. (Contact your Financial Advisor for your Advantage DDA account number if you do not
have a check.)
Advantage DDA Account Number
Since the institution initiates the transaction, they should be able to provide an estimated date that your 1st transaction
will occur.
554897 (Rev 05 - 11/16) Page 1 of 2
Account(s) carried by First Clearing. First Clearing is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and
non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.
Part 1: Employer Account Information
To be completed by Employer or Agency initiating payment.
Employer Tax ID Number (ACH Required)
Notice to Employer or Agency
For ACH purposes, code this as a checking account.
Note: If an internal document is used in place of this form, be sure to reference the Advantage DDA account number exactly
as indicated in the following directions.
Retain this form to document the employee's authorization of Payroll Direct Deposit.
Part 2: Employee Account Information
Please print or type the following information and submit this form to your employer's payroll
department. Part 1 must be completed by your employer. This form is not to be used for
Government Direct Deposit.
04400080 4
Transit Routing Number
First Name Middle Name Last Name
Employer's Name
Employer's Address City State Zip
Advantage DDA Account Number
Indicate your Advantage DDA account number. (IMPORTANT - Only one account per form).
I hereby authorize my employer named above to make periodic investments to my account in the
amount specified below.
The amount to be invested from each salary paycheck should be (CHECK ONE):
TOTAL net pay
OTHER, specify amount ($25 minimum): $
I understand that I may terminate this agreement by written notification to my EMPLOYER.
Any such notification will be effective only after the employer has reasonable time to act.
Signature Date
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
(for Advantage Accounts only)
554897 (Rev 05 - 11/16) Page 2 of 2
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