Development Services Department
2150 Universal City Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148
(210) 659-0333
____ Master Plan
____ Preliminary Plat
____ Final Plat
____ Replat
____ Amending or Correction Plat
____ Plat Deferral
1. Proposed Subdivision Name: __________________________________________ Unit No. _____________
Location Description Nearest Intersection: ____________________________________________________
Acreage: _________________ No. of Lots: __________ Existing: _________ Proposed: ______________
Proposed Use of Property __________________________________________________________________
2. Owner/Applicant: ________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ____________ Fax: ___________ Mobile: ___________ Email: ________________________
3. Licensed Engineer/Surveyor: _______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ____________ Fax: ___________ Email: ___________________________________________
4. List any Variances Requested: ______________________________________________________________
Reason(s) for Request (list hardships) ________________________________________________________
5. Present Use of Property: __________________________________ Current Zoning: ___________________
6. City Limits: Inside ____ Outside ____
Is any part of the property
in a Flood Plain? Yes ___ No ___
7. Is the property subject to any liens, encumbrances, or judgments? Yes ___ No ___ If Yes,
provide details using a separate sheet as necessary. ______________________________________________
All residential plats shall be accompanied by a list identifying the square footage of each lot.
Replats shall be accompanied by a list of property owners within 200 feet of the subject property.
Bexar County Tax Records shall be the source for gathering this information.
If there is an existing structure on the property, provide a survey showing all improvements.
Plats located on TXDOT right-of-way shall be accompanied by a TXDOT permit.
All plats shall be accompanied by a letter from the property owner authorizing the City of Universal
City to record the final plat with Bexar County.
All plats, including Amending and Correction plats, shall be reviewed by utility agencies serving
Universal City. A letter of approval from each utility agency shall accompany the plat confirming
service availability to the subject property. Form provided by the City.
All plats shall be accompanied by tax certificates from Bexar County and the appropriate school
district confirming that no taxes are currently due or delinquent against the subject property.
a) New Subdivision Plat $750.00* + $1.00 per acre + $82.00 Per Page for Recording (Bexar County) **
b) Replat $500.00* + $1.00 per acre + $82.00 Per Page for Recording (Bexar County) **
c) Correction or Amending Plat $ 75.00* + $82.00 per Page for Recording (Bexar County) **
d) Plat Deferral $100.00 in addition to base fees listed above (Bexar County) **
* Per Section 1-4-40(O) of the City Code, all costs incurred by the City beyond
that of the filing fee (i.e., $82 or $121 recording fee per sheet) shall be paid by
the applicant in full prior to recording the plat. Note the initial fee ($75, $100,
$500 or $750) is intended to cover engineering review and administrative costs
associated with the project; however, the applicant shall be invoiced for
associated engineering and administrative costs incurred by the City above the
initial fee. All fees must be paid in full before any plat will be recorded with either
Bexar or Guadalupe County Records.
** Filing fees for plats recorded in Guadalupe County are $121.00 for the first
page and $100.00 for each additional page.
9. Other fees to be collected prior to recordation of Residential and/or Commercial Subdivision Plats
, Drainage
Study, Utility and Infrastructure Plans, SWPPP Plans, etc.
a. Digital Scan Fee:
Size D & E sheets $2.50 per page No. of Pages _____ x $2.50 = _____
8X11, 8x14, 11x 17 sheets $0.25 per page No. of Pages _____ x $0.25 = _____
b. Parkland dedication fees
c. Detention fees-in-lieu
d. Outstanding engineering fees
The undersigned agrees to comply with the Development Standards and Subdivision Requirements of City
Ordinance 559 as adopted by the City of Universal City and that all information provided herein is true
and correct to the best of his/her knowledge.
Signature of Applicant/Engineer/Surveyor
Date Application Fee Received: ______________________ Received by ___________________________
Amount Received: ______________ Paid by Cash/Check/Credit Card
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