Developing an Emergency Kit
Know the risks, be informed, get prepared!
During an emergency you may need to get by without power, gas or water. If you had to
leave your home, would you be able to quickly pack the essential items for an over night
stay? An Emergency Kit is a box of essential items you can quickly locate and grab should
you need to leave.
The contents will vary according to your needs, but consider:
A list of important contact details
Copies of important documents (insurance details etc.)
First aid kit
Torch and spare batteries or wind-up torch
Radio and spare batteries or wind-up radio
Details of prescription medication
Mobile phone charger, or power bank
Spare glasses or contact lenses
Basic toiletries (toothbrush & toothpaste, soap etc.)
Pencil/pen and notepaper
Spare keys to home & car
Dried or canned food and a tin opener
Supplies for babies or small children
Supplies for pets
Copy of your Household Emergency Plan
Don’t forget your Emergency Kit will need to be kept in a place where everyone at home can
access it, and it needs to be checked every 6 months!